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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

We must find the soup man!!

Honey, darling, We must get some soup tonight,

Huh, wha, huh?

I was in bed, taking a nap.
She said,
Soup, i'm not feeling too good tonight.
There is the soup man, pon the road, i must find him tonight.

It was about 8, we had been out all day, and i was looking forward to some R&R.
Well, have a nice trip.
No, no, you gotta come with me.
Geez, Louise.
She ran in the bathroom and i heard the shower come on.

Man, she's serious. Oh well, i climbed my old bones off the bed and had a good stretch.

Well, since i'm up i might as well get ready, so i popped a cold one.
I'm Ready.
I opened the door, and looked out towards the road.
I could not see anything, but the sounds were more than usual.

After, what seemed like hours, she was ready.
She came out the bathroom looking like a million.
Are we going to a fashion show?
"You silly head," she giggled, come on.

We got to the road and started walking towards the Tree house.
There were vendors set up all along the road on both sides.
Yeah, this is Spring Break time.
These guys were not here this morning. Man look at all of them.
It was like a market.
Smoke and steam pouring out of the pots and grills all up and down the road.

Music thumpin, and bikes roaring. People all over the place.
She would stop, talk to some of the sellers about where her soup man would be set up.
Further down, mon. Further down,
Keep walking.
Grill after grill, all kinds of sizes and colors.
"best chicken mon, well fresh here mon.
This and that, they had it all.
Baby, he's not here, how far will we walk?
It's not far, (you said that 5 blocks ago)
so we walked, and walked, and walked.


I could see about 5 big pots, lined up, steam just pouring out the sides and all over.
He had all kinds there.
I forget his name, i'm sure you all know him.

I can't remember the type of soup she got, but she looked so satisfied while eating it.
Are ya happy now, i said.
She just smiled, with shiny eyes.
Man, i should have gotten a bowl myself, I ran back and got the same thing.
The biggest soup pot i ever saw, steaming hot.
It was absolutely delicious.

It turned out to be quite an entertaining evening, glad i went after all.
When we got back to the room,
I hit the sack, told her not to mess with me, and i slept like a baby.
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