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My articles are about my actual experiences doing various goofy things at various interesting places all over Negril. So I sometimes utilize this reference website's photos, videos and maps here to visually portray some of the tourist enterprises, activities and attractions that I mention that are in this beautiful Jamaican tourist town.

Through my articles and the visuals that I've posted here you will quickly learn why I and so many other tourists love this little town so much.

The following is an endless loop slide show of the 3D photos which I shot when I was down in Negril in December 2010. Enjoy Mon!

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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Are there really Naturist or Nude Beaches in Negril?

The simple answer to this question is Yes, outdoor nudity is permitted in various places in Negril! This answer then leads to the next set of questions - are nude people everywhere along Negril's ocean front like on some of the beaches in Europe or if not, where are the places located that allow nudity and how much of it do they allow?

photo courtesy of the Firefly Resort

The answer to these questions is that there are quite a few spots reserved for outdoor nudity and they may be found all over Negril but especially on the north end of the 7 - mile beach in the all-inclusives for couples only.

photo courtesy of Secrets Tiny Timber Cabins

You'll find spots for outdoor nudity inland, on the 7 mile beach and even in places up in the cliffs. Most of them are kept isolated from family activity for the sake of children.

However, the naturist places do allow full family participation in outdoor nudity.

photo courtesy of the Firefly Resort

Many of these nude areas are for female topless only but most of them that allow nudity to be practiced, allow complete nudity for both sexes.

photo courtesy of Grand Lido

Resorts that permit this outdoor nudity usually restrict it to their beach front and / or their pool and pool bar (if they have one) where no cameras are allowed.

photo courtesy of Hedonism II

When nude or semi-nude people appear in wrong places, which happens on occasion (especially with European tourists who consider public nudity to be normal), the resort staff people move quickly to suggest that those who are unclothed go back and cloth themselves or go directly to the area reserved for nudity.

Yet this can work both ways because clothed people trying to enter the nudist areas are also prompted to disrobe or not enter the restricted area for obvious reasons.

If you are interested in finding out which resorts in Negril offer nude facilities you might want to review the left margin, drop-down, pop-out menu on our Vidia's Hotels, Resorts, Spas, Villas and Rooms section. Here you will find a list and links to all of the resorts in Negril that we have been able to find so far that advertise that swimsuits are optional within some portion of their facilities.

Beach nudity is definitely appealing to many people, that's for sure. However, be very careful because sometimes the beach's eye-candy can be somewhat deceptive....

Sunday, August 23, 2009

This is a Blatant Plug for my Friends at Onestop Vacations

Negril Jamaica, as we all know, is a world reknowned, favorite vacation destination which obviously should have at least one good travel service for its tourists. So in 1998 up stepped Bob Read and Susan Gilbart, the creators and owners of ONESTOP VACATIONS to fill this gap.They already had a vacation house in Negril and had much local knowledge of the town and all that is involved in traveling back and forth to it from Canada. So they created a Negril focused travel service to acquaint vacationers with some of the town's really nice, colorful, small resorts and to book them into them. 

They began their service back then by creating the negrilonestop.com website. They created it as a way to showcase to the internet world the information they had been accruing about Negril's smaller independent resorts. They saw the internet as a great new venue by which to not only draw the attention of vacationers world-wide to these wonderful, smaller resorts, but at the same time to give them enough decent textual and visual information about them to get them to come to Negril and stay in them.

They've been proven to be right in using the internet in this manner because it has worked very well over the years in bringing multitudes of tourists to Negril who have booked through them. It has also worked well for their client resorts who continue to utilize their services to draw more tourists to their resorts. Consequently they have grown large enough to now service almost 50 of the best resorts in Negril and service hundreds of vacationers every year (who give them scads of good reports on their services).

They've even created the following great Negril travel video which briefly displays many of its most colorful and interesting tourist places. ONESTOP VACATIONS travel service has been so well received and has become so popular that they're taking the business past just servicing Negril and on into servicing all of Jamaica's tourist towns and also resorts of all categories, from comfortable and basic on up to luxury 5 star all inclusives.

Additionally, ONESTOP VACATIONS now serves travelers to other West Indian Ocean vacation destinations like St. Martin and the Bahamas.

As fellow travelers themselves, the owners understand and empathize with each vacationer's need for:

-Good, sound advice and accurate information.

-Great rates with discounts wherever possible.

-Personal, responsive and reliable travel services to handle trip details.

-True representation of tourist places.

This is why they conduct their own on-going inspections of all of their client properties and why they post only their own up-to-date photos and videos of each of them.

Because of ONESTOP VACATIONS intimate knowledge of Negril and their close personal relationships with the management of each of their resorts, tourists are given sound advice by which to custom structure great vacations at the best and most affordable place in town for their needs and desires. And this service ends up costing vacationers nothing! How? Because the resorts pay them for their services from volume discounting. So, , whether they book them through ONESTOP VACATIONS or directly with one of their resorts, individual vacationers will have to pay the same rates OR LESS for their resort accommodations.

Since it costs vacationers nothing, a big advantage of booking through this service is that they give knowledgeable, unbiased advice about the current condition of every one of their client resorts and about each of the activities that vacationers want to do in Negril. Even highly experienced Negril vacationers who could easily book a resort for themselves will still book through ONESTOP VACATIONS just to take advantage of their current knowledge of Negril as well as to obtain their highly valued discount coupons for many of Negril's restaurants.

The owners have established ONESTOP VACATIONS's mission as being to always ensure that those who book their travels with them will have as economical and carefree a vacation in Negril as is possible, without having to waste any of their valuable vacation time on extraneous details. Consequently, they are available throughout each traveler's stay in Negril to make sure that they are having a great time and to solve any problems that may unexpectedly occur. Of course they do all of this in hopes that their satisfied customers will use their services again when they invariably return to Negril.

Bob and Susan have also hired Derek and Bart, 2 more great people to help with their expansion.
They all work well together and take the wise, common sense attitude that Onestop Vacations continuity depends entirely upon their vacationer's complete satisfaction.

They also provide reputable driving services for those vacationers who don't want to take a public bus and need someone to get them from the airport to their resort and later back again (and / or to take them on island tours).

Though the owners have worked hard for their good fortune, they're also very grateful for it and they share it with the less fortunates in Jamaica like the island's poorer school children.ONESTOP VACTIONS does this by donating a portion of each of their booking's charges towards helping some of the poor children in Jamaica through the financial maintenance of the Mt. Airey Schools.

These nice folks at ONESTOP VACATIONS are great people with great hearts and I highly recommend their services to you or yours to set up a great Negril vacation, whether any of you have been there before or not, because they're certain to add something positive to your Negril experience.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Roots Bamboo Resort

THE ROOTS BAMBOO ROOMS have been around forever, it seems like. For vacationers on a tight budget, it's clean economy cabins are a favorite place to stay.And the Spring Breakers just love this place because it's totally casual and it's right in the middle of all of their wild and crazy beach action.THE ROOTS BAMBOO ROOMS also have an inexpensive restaurant and bar on the property.It is also one of the few places left in Negril that still allows campers to setup tents on its property.Besides being a beach resort ROOTS BAMBOO is also a club and reggae entertainment center.They normally feature local bands but for special occasions they headline internationally known groups like ....During this economic downturn all of the resorts in Negril are slow but during the winter season many people will still come to Negril to vacation and this place will be one of the first to fill up. So why not contact the nice people at ROOTS BAMBOO and make a reservation now before they're all booked up.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Tensing Pen Cliff Resort

THE TENSING PEN CLIFF RESORT is one of the most beautiful places in Negril and to go even further, this resort as well as many of Negril's other cliff resorts could certainly be deemed some of the most scenic places in the entire world!THE TENSING PEN CLIFF RESORT's vacationers rave about its lush grounds and its beautiful day time views of the ocean and its utterly fantastic evening sunset views.THE TENSING PEN CLIFF RESORT's younger visitors just love to frolic in the ocean when its calm (which is most of the time) and this great resort gives them some very unique ways to do it.Wouldn't you just love to stay in a great place like THE TENSING PEN CLIFF RESORT for a while and rest up in one of its cottage's gorgeous bedrooms?Or how about finishing off your day in their colorful bar with their friendly bartender sipping a couple of exotic fruit and rum drinks or tipping a few ice cold Red Stripes?A person should not go through life without experiencing at least once, the kind of a tropical paradise that THE TENSING PEN CLIFF RESORT has to offer, wouldn't you agree?

So how about contacting ONESTOP VACATIONS, the really nice travel service people (who were kind enough to let me here show you some of their photos of this gorgeous place) and let them explain just how surprisingly inexpensive a nice trip here can be for you!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Informative Websites All About Negril & Jamaica

I felt that some of you might want to learn of a few good textual information websites about Negril, so I have listed below a number of those that have been informative to me and which I often utilize to find out about things in Negril and Jamaica -

Negril.com - a daily updated guide to Jamaican travel destinations in a blog format. The great thing about this site is its very active message board by which for tourists to become quickly informed and get the lay of Negril's land, so to speak.

negrilonestop.com - gives some excellent tourist advice, photos, videos and related information for their client resorts and for other enterprises that may be found in Negril and all of Jamaica. These nice folks offer a very personal travel service and obtain the best rates for their customers from their client resorts.

negrilonestop.com even made the following great video of all kinds of places that tourists-who-are-in-the-know love to visit when they're in Negril...

NegrilEntertainment.com - keeps you updated on upcoming events such as staged shows, beach party's and clubbing activities.

negrilinfo.com - a very informative site with a lot of text and photo information about Negril

Negril Travel Guide - a travel and tourist resource guide to shops, dining, attractions, activities and services within the Negril Jamaica area.

realnegril.com - up to date information about various events taking place in Negril.

negriltoday.com - a concise source of textual information about Negril

negril-tour-guide.com - concise tourist information on Negril (text and photos)

Negril Photos - a large group of photos of Negril

visitnegril.com - good information about some of Negril's resorts and villas.

Wikipedia.org - an encyclopedic article about Negril. It links to another article about Jamaica itself.

Virtourist.com - An excellent photo tour of Negril accompanied by some wonderful information about each photo scene.

Jamaica Gleaner - the daily newspaper for all of Jamaica. This is much read by expatriate Jamaicans to stay abreast of the news, sports and politics of the island. It has a real estate section, editorial section, business section and many other features.

Jamaica - Once you go, you know - Jamaican travel site.

seejamaicacheaply.com - has great information about inexpensive places to stay in Negril.

There are probably a few more Negril oriented websites around but these should be enough to get you started, don't you think?

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