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Thursday, September 9, 2010

My brother finally came to Jamaica!!

I had arrived 5 days earlier. My best buddy and I headed to Mobay to pick him up. 1 hour after i saw many Chicago Tourist coming out here he comes.
"They sent me back to the beginning of immigration!!
Huh, why?
I did not know the name of the place i was staying!
Oh god, Red, (that's his nick name) Just make up a hotel name next time.
He told me that he finally dug around his carry on and found the Itinerary i printed out for him.

So, off we head to Negril.
He was tripping/amazed at the green plants and hills along the way.

We check in and he has the room right next to mine.
I had been there for 5 days and I had all the cutie pies covered like a blanket. (so i thought)

What do you think he does? As soon as I introduce him to one of the ladies, he's all over her like a cheap suit. Like white on rice, like... you get the picture.

She was just a laughing and trying to pit us against each other.
My Jamaican buddy, Nick, told him "Red, Mark saw her first"

It was so funny how easy a J girl can tease the hell out of ya.
He took it hook, line and sinker.

You see, my brother is the one with all the bucks. I just save and go. He saves and goes nowhere.

Finally convinced him after my first 10 years to come and check out Jamaica.

Well, he is a drinker, i mean hard stuff, all the time.
He has the kind of job that lets you guzzle all the alcohol you want, but don't dare come up positive for Ganja during a routine test.

He's not that bad, but a first timer, drinking Rum, beers and whatever all day can be a handful.

Once I lost him and ran all over the place trying to find him. He was in Times Square buying things.

We went to the Jungle on Thursday Night. Ladies night.

I was wandering around, taking in the sites when he comes up to me and says Mark,
"look what i found!"

I thought to myself, "you mean what she found"

Fun was had by all and we left the place around 2 AM.

My buddy says "we need to stop for gas as soon as i take you top your room.
As soon as we get in front of our hotel the car conks out. No gas. So my brother and I stand outside the hotel on the road while Nick hops in a route taxi and goes for gas. (he had an old bleach bottle in his trunk)
He came back and said the Gas station was an all night place, but he had to wake the guy up for service.
Nick asks us if we want to go to Scrub-A-Dub. It's an after hours strip club in Negril.
I say Nah, I'm sleepy.
So the 2 of them head out that way.

The next day i just checked to see that he was in his room and left him there. He didn't get up until about Noon.

So we are walking around and guess who shows up at our hotel?
The same lady he met at Scrub-a-Dub.
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