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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Bourbon Beach Restaurant Bar Villa & Disco

Bourbon Beach is an all around great place for tourists to visit. It is located right on the 7 - mile beach in the heart of Negril's beach nightlife area (some say it is the heart of Negril's beach nightlife).Tourists can stay here inexpensively or just stop by anytime of the day or night for food, drinks and / or its great live reggae music played by some of Negril's finest local bands (which most people in Negril consider to be very, very good).Bourbon Beach is rated by many to be one of the best places for partying when you're in Negril. Just listen to what their beach walking pitchman has to say about the place.
Bourbon Beach is highly rated for its evening entertainment and its great jerk chicken and pork. When you become one of those in the know about Negril you won't miss visiting this place at least once when you're in town.Bourbon Beach is definitely one of Negril's iconic tourist stops so be sure to go there soon after you arrive in town! You won't be sorry!

The Llantrisant Beach Villa

The Llantrissant Beach Villa is a very unique beach front villa which, though its located right in the heart of Negril well within walking distance of downtown, provides great privacy for its guests!It is an ideal place for a tropical wedding or a get-together of old friends or for intimate meetings with a few special business associates and their wives.Llantrissant is a one big house villa within which up to 12 people may stay. It is located right on Negril's small northern ocean front but it looks out upon the entirety of its famous 7 - mile beach front across Long Bay. The property has 2 of its own private beaches where swimsuits are optional.Llantrissant is a very comfortable place for all with its 2 nice, airy verandas facing its 2 beaches.It also has clay tennis courts on the grounds so it makes for a great place for tennis buffs to stay in Negril while keeping at their game.Llantrissant's property is centrally located exactly where Negril's beach ends and its cliff geography begins as shown in the photo below.This resort's central location within Negril positions its guests for quick and easy walking or taxi access to any of its beach and cliff nightlife. The Llantrissant Beach Villa is one of Negril's little known places that has not let itself become so commercial as to lose its "real" Negril flavor, as have so many of the area's resorts. It's the owners' intention to always keep it just as Negril once was so that people may still experience that ambiance which is now nearly gone.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Mary Gate of Heaven Catholic Church

The Mary Gate of Heaven Catholic Church is located about 2 miles from downtown on the land side of One Love Drive across from Negril's 7 mile beach.

photo by - FG Photos & Videos and Rocky's Taxi and ToursThe Mary Gate of Heaven Catholic Church is a nice little place to worship that is convenient to the beach's resorts so you will find some of Negril's tourists (as well as its local residents) coming here for services.

Negril is home to over a dozen local churches of various denominations so it has plenty of places in which for tourists to worship the Lord, should they be so inclined.

Friday, June 26, 2009

The Negril Jamaica Condomium

photos by - FG Photos & VideosTHE NEGRIL JAMAICA CONDOMINIUM is a beautiful 1 bedroom, private condominium apartment located in the Point Village Beach Resort about 5 miles from downtown. It is a second floor apartment in the resort's far corner building facing the oceanfront. From here may be viewed lovely scenes of the ocean and of Negril's beautiful, romantic sunsets and moonlit evenings.The condominium's owner keeps it in great condition and well stocked with everything you'll need while you stay there including TV, stove, 2 refrigerators, microwave, stereo and high speed internet wifi. You may also make use of all of Point Village's facilities such as its pool and restaurant while you stay here.The apartment comes equipped with snorkeling gear and 2 bicycles with which to roam around the area.This is a wonderful, private, romantic getaway that is very economical but has many more amenities than are provided by most expensive resorts.If you wish to reside at THE NEGRIL JAMAICA CONDOMINIUM on your next visit to Negril, please be sure to book your stay well in advance because this is a very good vacation buy in or out of season, so it books up fast.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Caves Cliff Resort

THE CAVES is a colorful cliff resort located about 5 miles from downtown off of One Love Drive.
This unique resort offers beautiful ocean front bungalows with great views. It's also famous for offering its patrons cliff diving or jumping opportunities from a unique spot on their cliffs called the blow hole.

Or they can just jump into the ocean from right in front of their own cabin.

People who have stayed at THE CAVES over the years consider it a very wonderful place to spend their Jamaican vacations so they come back again and again.

THE CAVES is one of the nearly 50 fine resorts in Negril served by ONESTOP VACATIONS, Negril's most knowledgable travel service. Contact them for further information (with no obligation) about staying or just dining here.

Rick's Cafe up in Negril's Cliffs

RICK'S CAFE is known world wide as THE PLACE TO GO when you're in Negril Jamaica because of its beautiful facility, its live reggae music, its great bar, its relaxing pool and its 10', 20' and 40' cliff diving spots for its more adventurous patrons.
Rick's has a resident diver present most times who's called the Birdman. He has a near perfect physique and he makes spectacular 60' dives just for tips from the audience.Booze, music, food and a patron's pool to unwind in along with dare devil patron cliff jumping and 60' high diving by the Birdman and other locals makes for a great tourist hangout.

Stop in and enjoy yourself here anytime from noon on every day of the week.A trip to Negril without a stop at RICK'S CAFE is something you will always regret. This is because anyone who hears about your trip there will automatically ask you if you went to Rick's and if you say no - they'll just shake their head at the unique fun they know you missed.Most of Negril's younger tourists who like to grab a suntan, drink, flirt and party will spend a lot of their time at RICK'S CAFE up in the cliffs or down on Negril's 7 mile beach at JIMMY BUFFET'S MARGARITAVILLE. Both of these places offer their guests a really great time!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hot Babes in Negril

Negril's 7 mile beach front is usually loaded with bikini clad lovelies like these 2 ultra-feminine beauties, showing off their gorgeous, bronzed selves to the beach set.

Or what do you think about these 2 gorgeous lovelies seen wading just off shore?

These kind of beauties may be found strolling up and down the beach or with their luscious bodies laid out nicely on the lounge chairs present on every beach resort's shore line. They do this to get more color but they also drive the men nuts in the process!

Negril's fabulous women have some very unique ways of drawing tourists to book their vacations at some of the lovely, tropical places in which they habitate.

It pays to advertise, doesn't it? And Negril's businesses sure know how to use their babes bodies to do that, don't they?

Then of course there's always liable to be a couple of splendid views at Negril's various adults-only beaches where the swimsuits are optional!

View a lot more of Negril's spectacular female eye-candy by going to the Negril Jamaica Vidia - the visual encyclopedia directory of Negril. here there is also an information page about Negril's nudie beaches.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Aqua Negril Villa

THE AQUA NEGRIL VILLA is a high-end intimate resort which has been recently renovated and modernized. It is owned and operated by Ken Sealey, a Trinidadian and his wife Liz, who is a Jamaican. It is located on Negril's world famous 7 mile beach about a mile from downtown, right in the heart of its most active beach area.

This is a unique villa resort for anyone seeking a great place to stay, right in the midst of Negril's most active beach front.

The villa's spacious suites are all wrapped around it's lovely foyer which opens right out to the ocean which is only about 50 yards away.

It has an open beach bar that, because of its great staff and their well concocted exotic fruit and rum drinks, is fast becoming a favorite watering hole for tourists who come by from other resorts all up and down the beach.

Its beach bar is open to the public so it draws in some very interesting tourist beach walkers.

Yet for security, the bar is snuggly situated close to the villa's beach entrance foyer and its diligent staff.

Check out the Aqua Negril Villa's fine new website for more information about this memorable resort and for more wonderful photos of its uniquely architected facilities.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Sea Wind Resort Hotel

THE SEA WIND RESORT HOTEL is a newly constructed, Canadian owned place located midway on Negril's 7 mile beach.It's been recently reconstructed so most of it's rooms are brand new.People who have stayed here like myself all love it and really enjoy it's nice, new clean accommodations.
THE SEA WIND RESORT HOTEL has a very nice beach bar, restaurant, sports bar and jerk center called Shereta's.It's a great place to just sit around and relax, sipping a few cool ones while watching the activities and the eye-candy on the beach.A lot of folks strolling the beach stop in here to watch their favorite sports on the big screen TV over the bar.THE SEA WIND RESORT HOTEL is a very friendly, pleasant new place with reasonable prices that is fast gaining favor with Negril's regular tourists.

Just contact ONESTOP VACATIONS, Negril's very nice travel service people and let them tell you all about this resort and show you how inexpensive a trip here can be for you!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sue's Easy Rock Internet Cafe

photo compliments of FG Photos & Videos NegrilThe EASY ROCK INTERNET CAFE is owned and operated by Sue McKenzie, a lovely, gracious lady who originated in the UK. It is located on Negril's West End beach right off of One Love Drive about a mile and a half from downtown.

photo compliments of Sue Steinhilber
Her cafe occupies the ground level front of this building which also houses the DREAM TEAM DIVERS office, STANLEY'S DEEP SEA FISHING's office and MARY'S BAY BOATHOUSE BAR & GRILL. It's also quite nearby to the JUDY HOUSE RESORT which Sue also owns and operates.

photo compliments of FG Photos & Videos NegrilSue is one of those friendly people that can make you immediately feel right at home with her. So she exudes within her internet cafe a really friendly, laid back, welcoming ambiance that sets those who come here right at ease.The place has plenty of computers and of course a good internet connection for efficient internet activities.

photo compliments of FG Photos & Videos NegrilBut you don't have to ‘Internet’ to visit Easy Rock. Just come by and hangout awhile and meet Sue and some great people who frequent her computers and her cafe-bar.

photo compliments of Sue Steinhilber
Here she serves coffee and teas, bagels, home-made cakes & fruit pies and ice-cold soda, beer or cocktails.

photo compliments of Sue Steinhilber
The neighborhood kids love her food too!

photo compliments of Sue Steinhilber

You can also just sit around and relax on THE EASY ROCK INTERNET CAFE'S pretty verandas where you can chat and watch some of the crazy One Love Drive road activities or the boats docking to refuel.

photo compliments of Sue Steinhilber

Here you can relax and enjoy some nice views of Negril's West End oceanfront and its amazing sunsets. This is a really nice place to 'Internet', have breakfast and /or just relax and make some new friends on Negril's West End.

The Judy House & Kim's Place

THE JUDY HOUSE & KIM'S PLACE are the 2 idyllic cabins on her small inland property owned by Sue McKenzie which she rents to tourists.These are lovely little economy cabins for those who want to experience the "Real" Negril.Sue keeps them with well equipped kitchens for those who like to keep their expenses down by cooking for themselves.Just contact Sue directly to make reservations to stay in one or both of these inexpensive, quaint Jamaican cabins which she calls THE JUDY HOUSE & KIM'S PLACE.

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