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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Negril Scammer's Trick

Courtesy of Markospoon from negril.com's message board

There is always one fellow, after years and years he never gives up. First time I met him it was, maybe 5 years ago. He has a certain spot staked out on the road.

He called over to me, waved and said "Hey mon, check this out.'

I either yell back for him to come to come to me or yelled back no thanks.Unless somebody has a stand or stall, I don't go to where they are. They better use the legs that God gave them and come to me, especially if I'm walking on a mission.

So, he scampered over with a quick step.
"Check this out mon!"
"Holy moley, what's this?"
"It pineapple hashis mon."
"Pineapple what? (act like i never heard of such)"
"Hash mon, its hash."

"No thanks, I do not want to buy any hash.
I do not want it Sam I am.
I dont want it here or there, I don't want it anywhere.
I dont want it in a house
i don't want it with a mouse."

So, I tried to give it back to him.
Then he says, "It's for you."

"For me, hmmm. Well thanks, I'll see you later then."
"Mon, thats 200 J mon."
"Man, take this stuff back, I don't want it Sam I am."

He is always spotting me, everytime I stroll down the road.

Moral of the story:
Dont even let somebody put something in your hand. They will act as if you wanted to buy it.

Here's a similar scam the author of this blog encountered. The scammer introduced himself and chit chatted nicely for a moment. Then he gave me a pack of cheap gum saying that he was celebrating his birthday. So I took it and then he said, "Have you got a present for me for my birthday? I gave you one so you should give me one too."

Since I had accepted the gum he had me! So, $300 J later I escaped and learned the same lesson. Never accept anything being supposedly given to you!

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