Hi Folks! Its Me, Markospoon, Your Favorite Negril Storyteller in Stunning 3D! Cool Huh?

I Write Colorful Articles About a Dimension of Negril the Most Tourists Rarely See.

This has led me to create this blog in order to save and display my stories along with all of my 3D photos just for you my many tourist fans. I'm doing it in cooperation with the 2 author / webmasters of the NEGRIL JAMAICA TOURIST VIDIA, a free, 1500 page exhaustive visual encyclopedia - directory website of Negril.

My articles are about my actual experiences doing various goofy things at various interesting places all over Negril. So I sometimes utilize this reference website's photos, videos and maps here to visually portray some of the tourist enterprises, activities and attractions that I mention that are in this beautiful Jamaican tourist town.

Through my articles and the visuals that I've posted here you will quickly learn why I and so many other tourists love this little town so much.

The following is an endless loop slide show of the 3D photos which I shot when I was down in Negril in December 2010. Enjoy Mon!

This kind of a no glasses 3D slide show has now become possible because of start3d.com's exciting new 3D technology for blogs and websites. With it, all of my 3D photos may be viewed here or in thumbnails in my album on their website or in a larger size on my page on the Negril Jamaica Tourist Vidia.

And should you go there, you can also view a twin slide show of my 3D photos in the much deeper displaying anaglyph format (which does require the 3D glasses to be focused and viewed). In that format, my 3D photos can be displayed in full screen mode to show you an even more fascinating 3D view of each of these scenes.

Friday, July 17, 2009

At Last! A Complete List of All of Negril's Resorts, Hotels, Villas, Cottages and Rooms for Rent (220+ A - Z)!

Today is a milestone for the Negril Jamaica Vidia project! Today we have finally completed and alphabetically listed all of Negril's resorts, hotels, villas, rooms and cottages for tourists. We've also linked them to each of their visual information pages on the Vidia and we have provided mouse-over, basic resort pop-out information on each resort name!

You can find this complete list of each one of them on our Vidia's Resorts & Villas page. This page also has an adjustable Wikimapia map of Negril which is gradually being filled in by geek tourists and locals. It is therefore becoming more and more complete in showing where each of Negril's enterprise's are located right there on the map. Besides that, we have a link on that same page to the wonderfully comprehensive 2008 PDF map created for the schools of Negril and Jamaica that shows the approximate location of many of the town's resorts and other tourist enterprises as well.

No where else on the internet (or anywhere else that we know of) is there one complete list of each and every one of the places in Negril within which for tourists to reside. And besides being such a thorough list it is also linked to each of these place's information page within our Vidia. So interested tourists may now easily contact any one of them.

We even list the names of the enterprises which we know to be out of business and link them to an information page about them which states that they are now defunct so that old time tourists trying to trace them down can quickly learn that they are no more. But for those that have been renamed we have an information page on that enterprise's old name which explains the rename and routes those seeking information on it to the newly named enterprise's information page on the Vidia.

One other nice thing about our Vidia is that there is a link within every enterprise's information page to the enterprise's own website (if it has one). This link is placed within its underlined name up in its page's title. We also link the words Negril and Jamaica in all titles on every information page to their appropriate Wikipedia information pages so that a particular page's readers can find out more about the entire Jamaican island and this great little tourist town. Finally, whenever we can find a review or an article on any enterprise we link to it on the enterprise's information page just above its photos and / or videos.

Truly our Vidia encyclopedia - directory is becoming just that with the completion of this list. Next, we will try to list alphabetically all of the bars and restaurants, ice cream shops and internet cafes, coffee shops and jerk centers in Negril. This will take quite a few months but gradually, little by little we will get that done too.

Please be patient with us while we work on this website and please send us any information which you might have that will help us to do this task better. Text, photos and videos of anything in Negril will all be useful to us in accomplishing this task.

Thank you.
Jim Hanson

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Minstrels on Negril's 7 Mile Beach

There are quite a few minstrel groups that move up & down the 7 mile beach in Negril, playing Jamaican and Caribbean music for the tourists for tips.They can be very, very colorful and entertaining and the kids, especially the little ones, all love them. They carry their musical instruments with them up and down the beach all day long in the hot sun and set themselves up anywhere that there is a group of tourists or when they are beckoned to play.

These people are of course looking for a handout but they are offering something worthwhile in return for it. They are not some kind of criminals stealing or doing other worthless things like some people end up doing to survive in a poor country. They're just plying their legitimate trade, trying to eck out a meagre living from the benevolence of the tourists. Some tourists are so ignorant as to let them entertain them or even beckon them to entertain them and then just walk away without tipping them! This is disgraceful! These minstrels provide colorful entertainment that deserves at least some small compensation.

Sure, they're not top talent but we have to go way out of our way and then pay big time to be entertained by top talent somewhere. These folks bring their little entertainment right to us while we're lounging around, magnetized to the sand. So a tip of a few bucks when they come by and play for us is certainly in order.If you don't want to spend any money on this form of entertainment then walk away from it before it starts or tell them "No" when they ask if you'd like them to play something for you.

You might want to ponder all of this next time you see these wonderful little people doing their good thing for everyone on the beach in Negril.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Planning Your Trip to Negril

The most expensive time for visiting Jamaica is during their winter season from December thru May (when it is not hurricane season). This is when the island has its best weather so it's also when most tourists want to be here because they want to escape the northern hemisphere's cold weather. During this time period the intense heat of summer has passed (as has the hurricane and rainy season) so it's when Jamaica's famous temperate, balmy weather ensues. Consequently, don't expect any bargains anywhere during these months because this is Jamaica's busy tourist season and this is when they have to make their year's profits.

However, to get the lowest rates possible then and the lowest air fares, try to book up your airline flights and your resort stay 5 - 6 months ahead of time. Air fares normally go up as you get near to your trip dates then so start checking in February or March for airline reservations for a trip to Negril in December or later. By June prices will already be going up.

Tours of Negril's and Jamaica's attractions can also be booked in advance from Rocky's Tour and Taxi Service or right from your resort when you get to Negril.

Everyone must now have a valid passport to enter Jamaica!

Be sure to take the time to familiarize yourself with the Transportation Security Administration's Article for Travelers as you prepare for your trip. Then make absolutely sure that you and all of your traveling family member's passports and driver's licenses and / or photo ID's are valid or get them updated immediately so that they are valid by trip time. It's also a good idea to bring along a copy of your birth certificate.

Read Miyard.com-about-Jamaica where there's a thorough rundown on things about Jamaica of which you should be aware before you visit Negril. Also read the Logistics section of the Negril Jamaica Vidia for more trip preparation information.

Monday, July 13, 2009

The First Time I Drove on the Left Side of the Road in Negril....

....I rented a small open land cruiser and with 2 of my buddies I drove up and down Norman Manley Blvd. along the 7 mile beach strip. No Problem Mon! It was a piece of cake! What was all of this chatter about how difficult it would be to adjust to left side of the road driving? To me it was easy as pie.

So we ventured on downtown. Again, no problem mon, just a little bit of traffic to deal with. Big deal! Then we decided to let it all hang out and explore the cliffs road, so off we went. When someone behind us would honk at us because we were going too slow, I'd merely pull over and let them pass. No problem mon! I quickly realized the secret for me to acclimate myself to left side of the road driving was for me to just go slow and not be a road hazard to those who are in some kind of a rush.

It was mid-day when we did this so the road wasn't too busy. Consequently, we were free to stop a few times to snap some photos of the interesting places along the road. Proceeding in this manner we gradually made it all the way up to the split in the road with no incidents. There I turned around and we headed back. Still no problem mon! By this time I was feeling quite confident in my left side of the road driving abilities which made me become rather smug about it.

So down from the cliffs we coasted, enjoying the ocean view and the road view and still no problem mon! When we were nearly at that place just before downtown where the road dips down and turns right to the HI-LO market (it has a long brick wall lining the right side of the road there) we began to hear the gradually increasing wail of a fire engine's siren. I didn't pay much attention to it thinking it was on some parallel side street, not realizing there really aren't any parallel side streets along there where a Fire truck could be driving!

All of a sudden, Surprise! This big-butt old Fire Brigade truck comes screaming up that hill right at us! Here's this insane gigantic metal monster bearing down on my little land cruiser loaded with 3 road ignorant tourists with no left road shoulder to speak of upon which to stop and let it go by! BIG PROBLEM MON!

Just then I spotted a big parking lot ON THE RIGHT HAND SIDE OF THE ROAD just before that brick wall starts. So rather than just stop on the far left of the road and let it drive around me, I instead gunned that little sucker and turned hard right in front of that Fire truck and we flew into that big parking lot barely being missed by it.

This was a knee jerk reaction from driving on the right side of the road all of my life and thank God no one got hurt when I did it. I surmised that this would be the best way for me to get out of the way of the Fire engine so it could proceed unhindered. But doing this scared the you-know-what out of all of us and, as they flew by, the bug-eyed firemen didn't look too pleased with me either!

Boy, all the rest of our trip did I take one heck of a tongue lashing for doing that fancy bit of maneuvering. My only defense was to protest over and over again that I saved all of our lives and we all lived through it to tell about it. But that rationalization just brought forth more hoots and some rather derisive comments about my driving in general!

So the next time I'm there in Negril driving, I'll try to not let pride and smugness over my great prowess driving on the left side of the road possess me because I think that God sent that incident my way to humble me for being so darned smug and proud of my driving. And it sure did and I wouldn't want something worse to occur!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Canoe Beach Bar & Grill

CANOE BEACH BAR & GRILL is located about 1 1/2 miles from downtown on the West End, fronting the beach side of One Love Drive. This little place has become very popular for the locals and for tourists-in-the-know because of its great food, ice-cold beers, free high speed wi-fi and refreshing ocean views.They've been known to have ice-cold 200$JA Red Stripe beers that are so cold you'll think you're in Canada! They also tout wicked 2 for 1 Rum punches (the Kirby specials)that reassure you that you're truly in Negril! They also offer up bloody Ceasars or a glass of red wine from a bar that they claim is fully stocked with everyone's favorites! I haven't yet put that to the test by requesting a shot of Mallort but one day I might!The CANOE BEACH BAR & GRILL's owners, Kirby & Patty Redwood take the attitude that folks can pretty much relax and hang around here as much as they want to, even when they're done purchasing and consuming their food and drinks. This is especially appreciated by interneters who want to spend a quiet morning or an afternoon doing their computer thing in a pleasant public environment with no hassle. This is an ideal setting for the e-set because inside there are a couple of tables, a bar and a comfy couch upon which to do their work.Out in back there's a pleasant, relaxing, open shaded veranda facing the ocean with plenty of tables upon which to set up their computers. But you don't have to bring a computer to enjoy this pleasant bar & grill. Just bring yourself and your family and friends and you won't be sorry!The CANOE BEACH BAR & GRILL is a place that is frequently mentioned on the negril.com message board as being somewhere that everyone should try at least once when they're in Negril. These boardies are in the know, because they're all fans of Negril's truly good things and they share their knowledge of them with one another so that all can enjoy them. So take my and their advice and stop in here next time you're in Negril.

Also there is a very good article about this place at - CANOE BEACH BAR & GRILL on the Jamaica My Way Blog. Check it out!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Ossie's Jerk Center

OSSIE'S JERK CENTER is located about half way up the 7 mile beach from downtown on the inland side of One Love Drive. My family has eaten here many evenings when we've been in Negril because their jerk chicken and jerk pork are to-die-for and their red stripes are served ice cold!

OSSIE'S JERK CENTER occupies a road house with a porch full of park benches upon which to sit and eat and drink and watch the shenanigans on the road. Low overhead is how they keep their food and their beers so reasonably priced. A lot of Locals are in and out of here all of the time which is proof to the tourists that the food is good. The have only one set of prices for both locals and for tourists so this also speaks well of them. This is a small, legitimate roadside business that's open year-round to provide good food and drinks to everyone, rich or poor.We never met Ossie himself but Paulette and her helpers always give great service. They are all wonderful and friendly and we feel that they've always taken very good care of us. When walking along the beach and you see this sign. just drop everything and do what it says! Leave the beach and go straight to the road and there you'll find it across the road. You will not be sorry that you detoured off of the beach because we and everybody else raves about OSSIE'S JERK CENTER'S authentic Jamaican jerk chicken and pork.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Firefly Beach Cottages & Apartments

The FIREFLY BEACH COTTAGES & APARTMENTS is a very unique, smaller resort located right in the middle of all of Negril's beach action, about 2 miles from downtown.It is especially an especially unique place because here naturist men, women and children are allowed and encouraged to practice full nudity on their public beach, if they so desire!This resort even conducts naturist weddings on premises for those who are so inclined.The FIREFLY BEACH COTTAGES & APARTMENTS is a very interesting, quaint little place with an obviously liberal minded owner - David Sykes - who provides tourists with nice, clean rooms at very reasonable rates.Even the resort office is in a cute, quaint little cottage decked with beautiful flowers every day.But the office help just will not be confined when the sun's out and Negril's beautiful, mostly calm beach beckons!This resort sports a public bar & restaurant right on the beach which draws in curious beach walkers with it's parsimonious advertisement uniquely touting both the restaurant and the bar on one small beach sign.Come to the FIREFLY BEACH COTTAGES & APARTMENTS some time and experience for yourself the fun and personal freedom that Dave, this marvelous little place's owner will provide for you.You won't be sorry that you stayed at the FIREFLY BEACH COTTAGES & APARTMENTS whether you're a naturist or not because of its wonderful ambiance and its reasonable prices.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Destiny Gift Shop - Sea Wind Resort

THE DESTINY GIFT SHOP in the SEA WIND RESORT is a very nice little place to shop for good quality souvenirs, gifts, beach wear, tobacco and liquor. Its courteous Indian owner has established a no-pressure policy with his sales help so shopping here will be a much more pleasant experience, as he attests below, than it can be at a lot of other gift shops in Negril.There are small gift shops like this located within most of the quality resorts all over Negril. They cater to the tourists who are staying there or within close walking distance of them. Many of them have similar goods for sale but each one has its own unique things too. this is what can make it worthwhile to shop in a few of them. Besides, often you can barter up a better deal for similar goods in one place over another. Shops like these are one of the convenient things that you'll find when you're staying in Negril because one of them is always right nearby to give you an interesting respite from the blazing hot sun as you explore the area.THE DESTINY GIFT SHOP however, is one of the really nice resort shops in which tourists can find name brand goods, sold at reasonable prices by friendly, low pressure sales people.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Margaritaville on Negril's 7 mile Beach

JIMMY BUFFET'S MARGARITAVILLE is a fun bar to go to any time of the day or night up until about midnight. It is located right in the heart of Negril's 7 mile beach action area about 2 miles from downtown so people wander over to it from a lot of the nearby resorts, cabins and rooms.People come here to drink and flirt and party away their time. Young people just love to come here to show themselves off and have fun with their friends while they get bombed.Here's a video taken by one of Negril's hunky MALE tourists hanging out at MARGARITAVILLE's beach enjoying the scenery while he stays in Negril. Most young people who like to grab a suntan, drink, flirt and party spend of their time in Negril at places like MARGARITAVILLE on the beach and RICK'S CAFE up on the cliffs because both places usually have some kind of their action in progress most times.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Jamaican Tourist's Survival Gear

Negril is almost a complete paradise for tourists. But there is one aspect of a visit there to which few look forward. That aspect is the approach of the hustlers. Granted that most of them are poor and just trying to scratch out a living and some of them are very interesting characters but those who press in on the tourists relentlessly make it bad for them all. One fellow was so intrusive and unrelenting with me that he made me threaten to seek out a policeman to get rid of him because he just was not taking no for an answer.

And then there's the gigolos who can be even more bothersome to the ladies. When rejected they are rude and surly and even sometimes threatening. Surely there must be something that tourists could use to signal these con-men nicely that they are just not interested in whatever these bad-boys are trying to peddle?

So I decided to design some beach wear items that can be used by tourists to very nicely but firmly deflect this onslaught of unwanted pests by trying to shoo them off using their own patois language. Some of my readers might be interested in purchasing these goodies to help them with this task.

When we were last down to Negril in May my Jamaican wife wore the t-shirt that I sell here that states in patois that she does not want a man because she already has one and everywhere she went all of the local women would notice it and laugh and comment about it. So it also became for her a great 'how to open a conversation' piece! And by the way, no man dared to approach her!

I wore the money dun mon ball cap at the airport as we embarked on the plane back to Chicago and a number of people liked it and asked me where I got it. Well, Zazzle's the place to find it and some other cute goodies to use as shields to deal with these pushy folks.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Mary's Bay Boathouse Bar & Grill

all photos compliments of Sue SteinhilberMARY'S BAY BOATHOUSE BAR & GRILL is located on the beach side of One Love Drive on the West End about 1 1/2 miles up from downtown. Scots Al & Janet, its proprietors have a very good reputation amongst repeat Jamaican tourists and local Jamaicans for serving great food and providing really good service to their customers.This new management team of long time Negril restauranteurs are held in high esteem among their peers. They're very friendly and hospitable folks and they know that the best way to grow a business is to treat every patron right so that's just what they do as so many will attest.MARY'S BAY BOATHOUSE BAR & GRILL's ocean bar gives its patrons a wonderful view of the shoreline and nearby smaller beaches of the West End. It is housed on the ocean side of the same building in which you will find SUE'S EASY ROCK INTERNET CAFE, the DREAM TEAM DIVERS office and STANLEY'S DEEP SEA FISHING's office.

IMHO on the West End MARY'S BAY BOATHOUSE BAR & GRILL is a good pick for great meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) served by 2 really nice people in a friendly international atmosphere with easy access by boat or by road, plenty of parking and a wonderful ocean view.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Culture George Music Shop

CULTURE GEORGE has his little music shop located right on the beach about 3 1/2 miles (5 km) from downtown Negril, between the Foote Prints Resort and the Palms Resort.He is an excellent musician who plays and sings some great old Jamaican calypso and island music. Here on the beach he sells his CD's to beach walkers and tourists who know him and love his music and seek him out or to those who don't yet know him.Here's a sample of CULTURE GEORGE's sweet and mellow island tunes. Click right here on CULTURE GEORGE to find out more about him.

Go to his My Space account for additional musical info.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Sun Divers Watersports & Scuba School

photo compliments of Yatmandu on FlickrSun Divers Watersports & Scuba School is located in the Point Village Resort which is about 5.5 miles up the beach from downtown on Norman Manley Blvd.Sun Divers Watersports & Scuba School has a very good reputation amongst Scuba diving and snorkeling enthusiasts who have utilized their services. Over and over again you will find commendations for them from people who have been very happy with them on the negril.com message board and on Trip Advisor.If you love Scuba Diving, snorkeling, fishing,boating or even para sailing (or any other kind of watersports for that matter) you might want to contact the nice folks at Sun Divers Watersports & Scuba School. They will be happy to provide you with detailed information about all of their water activities in Negril.Here's a video example of the kind of wonderful Scuba diving to which they can safely guide you.Next time you're in Negril, whether you are an experienced enthusiast or a total beginner, contact Sun Divers Watersports & Scuba School and they will be sure to accommodate you.

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