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Monday, September 13, 2010

Walking the tricky street on the Westend of Negril

Hey what's up Nick.
I called me driver earlier in the day to go out that early evening.
Man, my granny needs me to take her to Sav, so that will be an all day thing.
Hit me on the Cell, later, i may be back.

Oh, ok, see ya later
Yeah, lata mon. Click.
So, now what, Oh well, i'll go get me something to eat on the beach.
I head across the road over to Bar B barn.
So, half way through my early dinner i had a brain storm.
I'll go hit the west end, never been too far, but why not give it a try?

So, after dinner, i headed back to my room, across the road.

I had a few Red ones on the balcony and the sun was just beginning to go down.
Dusk, man this is great, the feeling, when the sun is setting is so nice. A natural type glow to the plants and everything.
So, to the road!
Beep, beep!
No mon, you are too full.
Thats the bad part about being at a hotel that's almost at the bridge.
Cabs are almost full.
Wait, there's one.
Beep, beep. i raise my arm and he pulls over, just 1 lady riding up front.
I hop in and he pulls off.
"i'm heading to the west end "how far Mon, i can take you, this is my friend, she rides where i go.
Oh, ok, well, i'm going to the Canoe Bar.
Yeah mon, mi know de place.
So we cross the bridge and stay close to the round about turn, then get over to head up the road, past the Mall/Plaza and Digi cell store.
I see some guys I know going in the China man store.
Zoom, we hit the curve and head up west end road! Hot Dang!
Soon, we are at the Canoe bar,
I give him a couple hundred and say later.
The Canoe Bar is empty, nobody there but me!
Can i help you? the bartender says.
A red stripe please.
I grab it, pay him, and walk outside, the ocean side and have a seat.
Man, this place is nice. The beer is Super cold!
You can really look around and notice the layout of a place when its empty.

It almost dark and i have a nice buzz going.
I walked around and waved bye at the chef guy, then out to the road.
Ok, now this way (to the right) further up the road.
I crossed over because there seemed to be some activity on the other side of the road.
Just some locals, hanging out. Most of the cabs that passed looked kinda full, so i just kept walking up the road.
Soon, i looked ahead and saw it!
A bend in the road!

Where is the side walk? That only looks like street!

The Westend road does not have sidewalks, just stay away from the road.

I needed to think, so found a little stone wall, bout 2 feet high and copped a seat.

I watched car after car, make its way up the road, to that bend/curve and dissapear.
Next second here comes a car coming the other way.

Hmm, i know there are all kinds of spots/places up the road, if i just could make it around that corner.
VaZooom, there goes another car, VArroom, another.

Al of a sudden i see this big ass truck coming around the corner!
Man, that would be all i needed.
A big truck turning just when i trying to walk that way.

I sit a little while and it is dark out now.
I see 2 j-ladies walk past me, up the road and out of sight.
They made it!

So, i stand up, tighten the belt, and look at the monster of a bend in the road.
Man, if i could just see whats around that bend, just around the corner before i start!

I shake my head no! Not today!
So i cross the road and stand there looking back.
It still looks scary from this side too.
Soon, a cab is coming and i head back down the beach to my room.
Maybe one day i'll try that road on foot, but not tonight.
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