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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Mary's Bay Boat Yard

I called Nick,
all that swimming and "dancing" made me hungry.
It always does.

So, soon, Nick pulled up and we were headed back to the Beach.

Man, I'm starving,
I know Mary's bay Bar/Restaurant is around here someplace.
There it is.
So, Nick dropped me off and said he has another pick up, and will be back.
Cool, later mon.

I walked up to the place and saw about 5 people sitting and chatting.

Funny, they all turned thier heads at the same time and looked at me when I walked up.

Oh, i better say something.

"Scotts Al?"

This guy, who was behind the bar, spoke up.
Aye, That's Me.
Hi, I'm Markospoon.
Well, i'll be.
He ran around to my side and gave me a hearty handshake.

Now, imagine, a bright blue eye, Scottish man.

A Highlander, from out of the past.

Such a jovial character, every word he spoke bellowed a Scotish character, straight out of a novel.

Remember Scotty, from Star Trek?
But a deeper, real accent.

Aye, Marko, you said you be stoping by, good to see ya laddy.
Yeah, mon, i was determined to stop by.

I found a seat, and Scots Al, kept the words flowing, he has to be a great story teller with that voice.

Now what can i make for ye.

Now Al, you know I heard alot about your Serious Burger man,
lay one on me.

Ok dokey, i'll get right on it.

Mary Bay's is right next door to the Sue's Easy Rock Internet Cafe
(If memory serves me)
Right on the water.

Scots Al was in the Kitchen and a charming lady prepared my table setting and asked if i'd like something to drink.
Red Stipe, please.

A couple of people, looked like Americans, or Canadians, or Europeans were hanging out, ex-patriot types, obviously regulars at Mary's Bay.

Soon, Scots Al came out with the order.

I hope you enjoy it Marko!
That accent again. Very cool.

I always cut my burgers in half to start.

I like eating them that way and i can get a good look at the insides.
I did not tell Al how i wanted the meat cooked, but it came out perfectly to my liking, done, but still juicy.
The first bite had me hooked.

The meat was very tasty, A real burger in Jamaica.

He had Bacon, onions, mushrooms and cheese on it.

I did not need, nor ask for ketchup and mustard, his burger was a work of art, all by itself.

Fresh cut French Fries, the old fashion way.

Man o Man, after 5-6 days of eating J food, this was right on time.
I took my time, enjoyed every bite.

I was sitting back, Al came over and told me a likkle story about people that clean the plate like i did.
A likkle TLC mi always put in the food, he said.

I could tell.

The burger was exactly like a home made, in the kitchen, good tasting down home burger.

I had ordered a 1/2 Serious Burger, not knowing what they were like.
It is a one beef patty sandwich.
I should have ordered a whole one, with 2 patties of beef.
It was so good, and Markospoon knows a thing or 2 about Cheese Burgers.

So, i sat there, being a likkle slow, Scotts Al and I chatted, he told me stories of adventure in the sea.
He scuba dives, and i was captured by his story telling.

After a while, I bid my farewell, and promised i'd be back, with friends.
I was back 2 days later.

If you need a change of pace, and want to talk to a real Old school dude, a Highlander from Scotland,
Stop by Mary Bay's, kick back and enjoy.

I did, and will again.

So here's to you Scotts Al!

Get those serious Burgers ready, i'm coming back mon!
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