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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My Ecology cadets in Negril

You want what?

Your Bus,
We are heading to Half Moon Bay.
There is a plant farm, they grow the sea grsss plant.

Planting sea grass will help the beaches stay strong, prevent erosion, not wash away the sand when the rough seas come.

Well mon, it's gonna cost you.....
"Horse feathers", I'll tell you what.

See that group of tourist?
There are 5 of them.

I can convince them to use your Red Plate bus when they want to go to Mayfield Falls.

Would you like that?
Yeah Mon, Yeah Mon!

Well then, here's a little something,
go gas up and meet us at the Craft Market by the river.
1300 hrs.

Yeah Mon, No problem mon.


Rally the cadets, we depart in 30 minutes.
Hand out the uniforms and get them in line.

Aye Aye Captain!

Pardon Me mam,
Welcome, what can i do for you.

You see those kids over there.
Yeah mon, I see them.
Well, we are heading to Half Moon Bay on a mission.
But we need sustainance.

Sargent Major!
Sir, yes sir!
You and the lads get to work cleaning the yard, take these bags, use this rake.
I want this place ship shape before 1200 hrs.
Yes sir!

That pot of Brown stew chicken looks mighty fine.

You know an army travels on it's stomach.

Pardon me business man about town,
how long have you had this store.

Well Captain,
"10 years and running now".

Well,you see those kids,
the ones you see walking up and down the road, cleaning and helping old ladies cross the street, those are my lads, and they are thirsty.
Do you suppose that you could give back to your community?

You will be imortalized with your kindness and reap rewards 10 fold by helping to uplift your neighborhood.

Well, juice boxes cost money. How will I.....
There's no I in Help.

Your name will go down with the legends of Negril.
You will be held in the highest esteem among the business owners, you will.....
Ok, Ok, enough Captain!

How many Juice boxes do you need?
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