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This has led me to create this blog in order to save and display my stories along with all of my 3D photos just for you my many tourist fans. I'm doing it in cooperation with the 2 author / webmasters of the NEGRIL JAMAICA TOURIST VIDIA, a free, 1500 page exhaustive visual encyclopedia - directory website of Negril.

My articles are about my actual experiences doing various goofy things at various interesting places all over Negril. So I sometimes utilize this reference website's photos, videos and maps here to visually portray some of the tourist enterprises, activities and attractions that I mention that are in this beautiful Jamaican tourist town.

Through my articles and the visuals that I've posted here you will quickly learn why I and so many other tourists love this little town so much.

The following is an endless loop slide show of the 3D photos which I shot when I was down in Negril in December 2010. Enjoy Mon!

This kind of a no glasses 3D slide show has now become possible because of start3d.com's exciting new 3D technology for blogs and websites. With it, all of my 3D photos may be viewed here or in thumbnails in my album on their website or in a larger size on my page on the Negril Jamaica Tourist Vidia.

And should you go there, you can also view a twin slide show of my 3D photos in the much deeper displaying anaglyph format (which does require the 3D glasses to be focused and viewed). In that format, my 3D photos can be displayed in full screen mode to show you an even more fascinating 3D view of each of these scenes.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Niah and His Delicious Patties

I'm going to make a short post about Niah's Patties, the only eatery located in Waves Park about 2 miles from downtown Negril, between the road and the beach. This is a place where you can get a very different kind of Jamaica patty than most other places offer. Niah's Patties are quite thick and really full of any of a variety of contents which you can select, including lobster! The patties are quickly fried up in a pan of very hot oil so they take a while to cool down enough to eat. Each patty is enough for anyone desiring a light lunch. Two of these big patties will probably fill up the biggest eater.

And Boy Oh Boy, are they great! Once you've had one of these, you'll come back again and again for more, that's for sure. In fact, this will probably become the first and last place you'll eat at on all of your trips to Negril.

Mr. Niah is a very interesting fellow. Many times he's not in a very good mood. He just seems to be one of those sour kind of people that we occasionally encounter in life. He is a hard line Rastafarian and he is very devoted to his beliefs. So do not take any pictures of him because he will insist that you destroy them since they go against his beliefs. When I met him he told me to not write anything about him on the internet because he wants to maintain a simple kind of life and he doesn't need a lot of publicity.

Normally, I would honor such a request because I too am a private person and I respect this desire on his part. But his patties are so darned great that I just had to tell you all about them so that when you go to Negril you will try them too. But please don't mention that I wrote this post about him because I saw him going off on one of his neighbors for about a half an hour and I wouldn't want him to do that to me, that's for sure!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Trip Report January 2010

Well, my wife, my e-partner Alex and I have been back from Negril for a little over 2 months now but this is the first time that I've been free enough to write something up about our trip. As usual we had a great time while we were there and we compiled a lot more photo and video data on the town than we had before, which we will be posting here and on our Vidia in due time. Since then, we've been just too busy at work and on other projects to write about what we did there until now.
However during these 2 1/2 months since our last post we have managed to compile, annotate and put to music - 9 videos of the entire 3.5 miles of beach and both sides of Norman Manley Blvd. from downtown out to the all-inclusive resorts area. We chose this area to so document because it is the most tourist active area of Negril's 7 mile beach. Here the tourists roam in and out at will because the beach and the road entrances to the resorts and restaurants are all open to the public and welcoming of their foot traffic. We have now finished annotating 2 of the road videos on the beach side.
Next we will finish annotating the other 7 videos with the names of resorts, restaurants, shops and bars each of them comes into view. If you click on the above video it will take you to it on You Tube where you can view it full screen and where you can also find the other 8 videos. These videos are meant to be informative to newbies but we find that they also create some fine, nostalgic reminiscences for us oldbies.

We had very good, balmy weather while we were in Negril with a mostly calm beach but it did churn up pretty well a couple of days.We noticed that when the beach is calm the water temperature is at least 5 degrees warmer than when it churns up. This is probably because the sun is heating its shallow water when it's calm but when it's roiling, water from farther out in the ocean is driven in and cools off the warmer shallow shore water.
We stayed at Mom's Place which is an economy resort with a bar and restaurant right on the beach about a mile from downtown. It only has a beach sign announcing its presence. It doesn't have a road sign at all and it's located way at the end of a long, (dark at night) public alley that the town maintains.This alley access road runs from Norman Manley Blvd. to the beach, so at first finding Mom's Place was not only difficult but also a bit unnerving. This was especially true because a few of Negril's scammers and ganja peddlers frequent it on their way to and from their patrol of the beach (looking for marks and / or customers).
But, as you can see, I come well prepared to do battle with them in their own language! You can buy a cap like this from the VIDIA

Mom's Place has their own big security guy who you can also see is quite adequate to keep these rude boys from coming onto its grounds.So it turned out to be a place that was quite safe and that I would recommend to anyone.

Everyone in Negril knows that the tourists are kings and queens there because of the town's total dependence upon them for their livelihood, so there is a well kept truce amongst all of the town's players, good and not so good.The beach resorts are therefore free of the kind of problems that occur in other less secure tourist and vacation areas.

Mom's Place's rooms were clean and nice and about as good as you can get for an economy resort of $80 a night double occupancy on the beach during the season. Their restaurant's food was also good and people wandered in from up and down the beach for breakfast, lunch and dinner which speaks well of it. it took 2 of us to kill this huge, bad-boy red snapper we got there and boy was it good!All in all we enjoyed it immensely. Especially Al who loves to swim a couple of times a day because the water was within 100' of our room!

Mom's Place is also well within walking distance of the various beach nightlife reggae entertainment centers like Bourbon Beach, Alfred's Ocean Palace, Roots Bamboo and Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville. On the road right outside, it's an easy walk to Selina's Coffee Shoppe & Eatery, the Best in the West Jerk Center or Fatty's Restaurant (yes it's true, Fatty is a lady who likes to be called Fatty! We know because she told us to do so.).These are 3 good authentic local places to eat. We've been to Negril many times so we always wander around and try new places to eat and these 3 were all good and reasonably priced.

One new place we found there within walking distance of Mom's Place that's very interesting is Internet and More / Doreen's Place. It used to be called Cafe Taino but now Doreen (a very nice Jamaican lady who cooks really good authentic Jamaican food) owns and runs it. Her cooking is great so be sure to try it! There's also a couple of small grocery stores nearby where you can purchase beer, wine, soda pop and snacks which is one way to save money when you're in Negril and at the same time help the locals earn a living.

Well, that's all for now. More to come soon.

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