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Friday, October 15, 2010

I guess i'll go swimming at the Sunset on the Cliffs

It seems like it rain 5 days straight at about 1 o'clock.
Lasted maybe 1 1/2 hour.

Lightning storms came in on Tuesday and Wednesday.
There is thunder and lightning everywhere, but this one day in Negril It was super loud.
My Bro and I were sitting outside on the balcony while the rain came down.
"Mark, it rains everyday at the same time.
Then the sun comes out, you know we get all day rain and 2-3 days of clouds in Chicago.

Yeah, mon, that's another reason i love Jamaica so.

My brother must have been looking down when it hit.
I was day dreaming, as usual, looking at the clouds and rain.
There was a very bright, almost white flash, and i knew it was coming.

My brother jumped about 6 inches out of his chair.

Mark! man that was close as hell!!!
It did seem to erupt right over our hotel.

I laughed and laughed.

See, you were feeling guilty when the loud clap came, you thought it was your time to go meet your maker for all the bad things you have done in your life.

Yeah right, he said.

There were about 3-4 very loud ones.

Then the sunshine came out from behind the clouds and the heat was back in full force.

I feel like another swim in the pool.
You want to go?
Yeah, but my lady gets off soon, and i know she's coming straight here.

You better believe she is.

Ok, I'll catch you later.

I walked off and looked at my brother's face.
He wanted to go, but he would be "tied up" for the evening.

I headed to the road and caught a route mobile.
Another lady was in the car, she was headed to the west end like me.
The driver crossed the bridge and stayed to his right, pulled over where some westend drivers are always waiting.

Normally, the cabs go all the way to the taxi park, but since 3 of us wanted to head to the westend, they will maneuver over to that side of the road, not go all the way to the taxi park.

We hopped out that cab and into another, waited for a 4th person, then headed down the westend road.
aka One Love Drive.

Earlier in the day, i had met 4 ladies from DC. They were looking for something to do.
I told them we could have a pool party on the Cliffs at the sister hotel, Sunset on the Cliffs.

They said maybe, but i could tell they probably would not show.

So, the driver pulled up to the Sunset on the Cliffs, it is right across the street from Eddie's de Bar,
Best Lobster i ever had in Jamaica.

There was nobody at the pool except the barmaid and myself.
Last time i came here, i was with my brother and a few ladies.
Today nobody was there but me.

I picked out a nice lounger chair, threw my towel and gear down, and took the plunge.

Ahhhh, a pool, with cool music in the background and i had the pool all to myself!
I was in heaven.
The same barmaid, who was there last trip was on duty that day.

A very beautiful lady, the color of cinnamon.

I swam and watched her watch me for a while, then i jumped out the water and walked over to her to pass a little time.

I tell you, there is something about swimming, water and beautiful J ladies that make my heart flutter.

It was fabulous.

Hello, god day, would you like something?

(is she reading my mind? Gosh darn skippy i want something)

Ummm, lets see, what do you have that's good back there.
She just smiled and giggled.

"it's all good back here"

(heart be still)

Alrighty then,
Hmmm, i'll take another of your famous mudslides please.

I grabbed a seat,
(wish i could have taken hers)

and waited and WATCHED while she started preparing the magical elixer.

Just sitting out there, looking out into the sea was just exquisite.

After the rain, the sun at about 3:00 PM. the water was glistening, with the sun shining on it at that just right angle.

So, this is what people have been talking about when they say they love the Cliffs more than the beach.

So nice.

Soon the cocktail was ready, and i just sat there getting to know the lady.

I finished my drink in no time.

Was it good, she asked.

Oh yeah, you made the best one i ever had.

I jumped back in the pool and just floated around, feeling the mighty strong mudslide on mi brain.

Not too hot the early evening. The water felt fine.

If i could just freeze this moment, i'd never leave.

Well, that's enough of the pool.
I got out and the lady just kept looking at me.
Hmmm, maybe i will give her a show.

I grabbed the towel and did a couple of
"male stripper moves" to the music she had going.
She busted out laughing.
I know i'm not the best dancer, but acting a little crazy is just so much dam fun.

I dried off and walked up to the bar smiling.
She had her head in her hands, looking at me with those big brown eyes.
I walked up to her and said nothing.
Just stood there, with that silly Markospoon grin on my face.
She just stared back.

snap out of it Mark.

I had a seat and just stared off out to sea.
She came right in front of me and asked me what i needed.

Ding, ding.

Round 2.

Lobster at Eddies Da Bar on the Westend

It seems the kids are having a ball.

So, when the sun starts to set, dinner time is near i told my daughter i would take her out for dinner.
Where are the rest I asked, oh they are somewhere having dinner.
Ok, lets go.

We walked to the road and i counted 3 of my regular drivers.
My 2nd favorite was sitting in the back of his van.
Wake up man, lets go!

Yeah , yeah, i'm ready he says.

Where to dad?
oH, i'm gonna show you the west end tonight.

Thw westend is still new to me.

Only had a few trips up that way in the past.
Chicken Lavish sounds like the place tonight.
We get there and find a table.

I showed Martina the menu, she pointed to the curry chicken and i had the fried chicken.

So we sat and waited a while, i got up and walked to the road while we were waiting for the food.
Whoa, that is the place that used to be Bar A Buv.
Right across the street.
Looks like it is up and running, forgot the new name.
ANyway, i get back to Martina and the food comes quick enough.

Martina has always had a good appetite, this night she almost ate the plate.

Our taxi guy had come back and was parked on the road, waiting.
Hey man, run us over to Eddies Da BAr, i want to take a look see.

There was a little crowd, maybe 10 people there.
I walked to the back, where I saw some men cooking.

Excuse me, is Eddie here?
"I'm Eddie" the gent said.
Hey man, you are famous, people are talking about your place on the internet.
Eddie had a very big smile when i said that
You and Trevor too.
This guy stuck his head out of the cook room.
"that is Trevor"

Hey dudes, i'm planning on bringing my daughter here tomorrow, what's a good time?
Anytime he said.
Ok, see you tomorrow.
Eddie and Trevor seemed like 2 cool cats.

Next day, i tell Martina to meet me at my room about 3 o'clock.
Around noon, i cam back from a long walk, had a beer and laid down.
I was out like a light when the knocking came to my door.
It was Martina and another girl

Whoa, what time is it?
Its 3 dad!
Were you sleep?
Yes I was,
BUt i'll be ready soon.

So I washed up and we are off again to the Westend.

We arrive at Da Bar and there were just Eddie, Trevor and a couple of locals.

After looking at the menu board, we decided on 3 lobster dinner with veggies and rice.
Rice and calalou come with the Lobster man.

while waiting, i had a Smirnoff Red and a beer.

The way eddie prepared the lobster was cool.
I guess he boiled it in the back, then brought the lobsters to the front grill.
It kinda looked like 6 big loaves of curled garlic bread with some kind of coating on top of the lobster.

He grilled it for a while trevor brought the rice and peas with the calalou, then Eddie brought these giant lobsters over, he served it and brought over bowls of melted butter and garlic or something for dipping.
Martina and her friend were in heaven!
Me too!

The meal was very good, the vegeis and rice moist and tasty, and i have tasted many a rice and peas, some people just do it right, like Trevor!

I was enjoying the first lobster so, that i forgot there was a bowl of butter sauce for dipping.
The lobster was done, TENDER! and taste so good!!!!
2 big lobsters, calalou and rice and peas.
I was stuffed with a smile on my face.

Since Lobster is on the "high end" price wise everywhere, i am glad that i chose Eddie's Da Bar.

Eddie and the crew are cool, laid back smooth gents.

I highly recommend his place!!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Are you sure your car can make it??

Yo Nick, pick me up i'm...
I passing your hotel now!
Wow man, ok.

Before i could sit down i could hear nick's car coming.

I'd know that engine anywhere.

He walked on over to the balcony and we sat a bit.
Where to now Marko?
Its not far, she will meet us on the road.

I stocked up the ice cooler, grabbed my keys and cash.
We outta here!

Man, i love cruisin at night in negril. Tunes thumpin and bumpin, i'm up front ridin shotgun,
it's just great.

It seems like the town takes on a new look at night.
Man, where were all these ladies this afternoon?
Earlier, the beach looked like Mayberry RFD.

Too hot man, nick said.

Whoa, slow down Nick, i think that's her.
We puled over and she hopped in.
Hey Marko,
hey baby.
Oh, thinks are looking up now.
She told nick to go up the hill and keep to the right.
It was a one lane road, twisted here and there.
"Now, we can just walk down that path and we will be there.

I was looking and notice how bumpy the road looked.
There were some marle (sp)
hard rock spots sticking up here and there.

Don't get out Mark, i can make it.

You sure Nick?
Baby said "We usually walk the rest of the way from the road".
I can make it, don't worry.
I heard some scraping sounds, not alot, coming from under the Nick mobile.

Right here, she said.
We got out and Nick had to back up the same way he came.
I was praying that he would make it.

He did, and took off.

Funny, he never went down that road again, just dropped me on the main road everytime after that.

Now when we get to the bottom of the hill, just don't pay any attention to the dogs.

Huh, dogs?
Yeah, a little pack of them, but they just bark and follow for a while.
Sure enough, we rounded the bend and i heard them before i saw them.
I have never seen any BIG dogs in Negril, just the medium to small ones.
There were about 7.
I thought you said a few?

"just keep walking and don't pay them any attention"
Yeah, right.

We kept walking our normal pace, she held my hand when they barked and came close.
I was looking for the leader, ready to crack his skull if need be.

They charged and backed off, barking the whole time.
Soon we were past "their spot"
and they were just following, barking and soon faded back.

She looked at me and smiled, but i was just trying to keep my cool.

The things we do for love.

A flight that turned wierd

Anybody ever catch what i call a "sardine can Plane"
Its a charter flight, all silver metal with no symbol or drawings on the sides.

I booked a trip to Jamaica on it just because i had to get away quickly. (no, not from the law).

I had the very first aisle seat after the pilots.
No first class.

We took off on time from Chicago's Ohare. It was a non-stop flight to Mobay.

The first 3 hours was smooth sailing.

All of the sudden the captain informed us that there was a thunderstorm just hanging over Sansgters airport. He said "we can keep circling and hope the storm passes or head to Kingston.
He said since we were low on fuel, we will be going straight to Kingston.

I thought we would be going around the storm. It felt like we went right threw it!

That plane was jumping up and down a lot. Big movements,
This was my first storm flight and every time the plane dropped what felt like 30-40 feet I would grab the arm of the woman sitting next to me.
I couldn't control my reflexes.
When i looked out the window it was all white clouds and bright flashes of light from the lightning or thunder or something!
This lasted for a 1/2 hour! (maybe less, but it felt like forever)
It was right before Christmas and I had a lot of gifts with me.

"we cant crash now! I have all these gifts! All my friends are waiting for me!

Since i was in the first aisle,the stewardess was sitting directly across from me facing the rear, looking into my face.

She said that she loves this part of flying. It felt good to her.
Eventually we made it to the Airport in Kingston.

We landed and the workers on the runway looked puzzled at the plane.

Hmmm. Didn't they know we were coming?

Soon the door opened, an Airport worker came on board and started talking to the Pilot.

We needed gas.

It took about 2 hours of negotiating between the Airline company and the Airport personel and charge accounts and so on.
I guess a full tank is a pretty penny.

With the plane shut down it was very hot, the humidity was stifling. Women started to holler "We cant breath! and "WE NEED WATER,COLD WATER!!

Someone had a little baby with them, 3 rows behind me.
I love kids but the diapers, the smells! Oh lawdy help us!

In that heat and humidity it (the diaper smell) was twice as strong. I was getting a little sick.

The co-pilot started to open the front door and the wind grabbed it and swung it open wildly!

Fresh air, oh how sweet it was!!!
Gee i hope the door is OK. We need to fly to MOBAY on this plane.

We finally took off in what seemed like 3 hours later.

This was the first time i got to Negril in the dark.

I cant blame that airline for mother nature.

Just bad luck that day.

Another night at the Jungle night Club in Negril

It was around 8 and my brother was with his friend.
Oh well, i guess the Jungle is out for tonight.

Knock, knock.
Who's there?
Yo, Mark. it's me and Nick.
They had taken my bro's girl home and were ready to start the night life.
Yeah mon, we still going to the Jungle, get ready.

Ok, I'm gonna shower and i'll meet you in your room.

We were having cocktails about 10:30 and i was getting a little tired.

After this drink, we'll go my Bro said.
3 drinks later, Man, we still going.
"Yeah, Yeah, i came all this way, there's no way i'm gonna miss ladies night"

So, eventually we got there about 11:30

Hey, lets have something to eat and people watch.
There are always food vendors outside the Jungle.
Alot of folks still hanging out or had been in and came out with the hand stamp.

The chicken was right on time.
It kinda perked me up and i had my 2nd wind.
Lets go in now.
Paid the fee and hit it.

Boom Boom boom.

It was on!!

Ladies galore.
they were still coming in 5-6 at a time.
We statrted downstairs.

Worked our way through the sweet smellin J ladies and made it to the bar.

The ladies in the club were so plentyful, that they just stand in place and dance to the music.
What a sight.

Man, lets head upstairs for some air.

We made our way pass the jirating and dipping hips and curvy figures to the steps.
I saw an amazing looking woman just coming down,
but her loss, i'm going up.

The upstairs was cool.

There was one woman, downstairs who had the dance moves down pat.

I was watching her, she had her back to me, but her girlfriend was facing me.
She must have said:
"there is a cool tourist dude behind you, he's watching you for real!"

Anyway, 10 minutes after we went upstairs, there she was, right next to me, alone, dancing by herself.

Sigh, if only.

Any who, my brother and i always split up, but keep and eye on each other.

I looked over and my bro had a table with about 3 ladies.
Man, he looks like he could use some help.

I joined them and we laughed the night away.

We ended up leaving with the 3 ladies, they were headed to the New Triple XXX Club.
We were sleepy and told them later.
They looked sad, but that's life.

Bed time for this old cowboy.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Waiting at the airport for my buddy to pick me up.

Good bye darling, i'll see you next trip.
Well, it's been 6 months and i'm back.

I got use to my private driver Nick, picking me up at the Airport in Mobay.
I come out of the arrival door and look around.
These guys are still working hard, trying to get a fare.
Taxi mon? Taxi? Need a ride?
No thanks, i'm waiting for my buddy.
So, i pull my bags over to the seating area right by the door.
I make sure i can see the road, so if Nick pulls up i can jump in.
The cops are making sure nobody lingers.
If your pick-up is there, cool, but you can't wait in front, parked or just double parked.

One of the guys comes over and says, Your buddy, maybe he will not come!
No way, Nick's my man, i can count on him.

Call him mon, here.
He handed me a cool little celly phone.
I dialed the number.
"Yo, whatgwan,"
So nice to hear a familiar voice.

Hey Nick, where are ya?,

I'm on my way, traffic jam coming in, but i'm in Mobay now.
Coool, see you when you get here.
Yeah mon, later.

I give the guy the phone back.
He's looking at me, (like he did me a great big favor)so, i give him a buck.

Beep, beep!
Man, i was on the look out, did not let any car pass me without checking it,
but, Nick slipped in some way.
Whats up Marko,
oh, i'm good man, now that you're here.
That's when i vacation really starts.
At the Airport, when i hook up with my runnin buddy.

It's funny, he'll pull the car up, and get out, and i am envious/jealous already.
He only wears a mariner shirt (we call them dago tee's)

Some blue jean shorts and sandals.
That's it.
His dread locks flowing and a very deep smile.

I can tell that he dons this attire on a daily basis.
The life.

So, he starts to pop the trunk and then
there are drivers calling him and waving hello.
Nick knows alot of Taxi drivers.
He has a route mobile, and use to run the strip in Negril for years.
He still does, but only when he needs some money.

Many locals know his car on sight.

So, we're all loaded on our way, reggae thumpin and bumpin out of the radio.
How are your rollin skills mon?,
Man, give it here, i can roll.

While still driving, Nick reaches some place under the dash, pulls out the little black bag,
He has the Rizzaler's and ganja.

I'm trying to get it just the way the locals do it.
Cone shape. Very fat at the top, and gets narrower as it goes down.
I got it! Done.
He looks at it, then looks at me, looks back to the spliff and smiles/laughs.
Ok, you're getting better.

By now, we are leaving Mobay, and the cars start to spread out.
I hand him the spliff and like the professional that he is, he lights it while driving and has that satisfied look in his eyes.
I fire mine up and
"wow" This is different from US stuff.

5 minutes later the green hillside starts to vibrate, the sea pulsating blue/green colors.

Such a nice feeling to be with your main man, flying down the road, sounds bumpin.
Bluish green water on your right, very green hills on your left, no air conditioning, just wind coming through the car like it is a convertable.

Ahhh, now i am in day dream mode.
I'm just tingling all over.

I'll take you, but I must make a stop first.

My other driver, not Nick, Nick is the best, but a different man i use to travel with.
One time, while walking down the road i heard the horn blow.
I turned and My 2nd favorite driver asked if i needed a ride.
It's funny, how if i'm not going anywhere in particular, i will change my mind when i see old reliable guys.
Yeh mon, i need to.....
"I must stop by the gas lady, then drop it off at home".
Cool, i'm in no hurry.
So i hopped in his van.

We crossed over the bridge and made a left, pass the shops and into the neighborhood.
We went down some road, made a few turns and he pulled over.
I could see about 20 gas cans. Gas for a cooking stove or something.

My driver walked up to a fence and yelled.

Miss Mavis, Miss Mavis!

Soon a portly nice looking lady came down a little hill and to the fence.
My friend passed an empty gas can to her and got a full one in return.
Ok mon, mi house is just up the hill and around the corner.
We must have went up 3 hills and 4 corners, soon we were at his house.
He was pointing out things and said the road is up to the residents if they want to get it fixed.
His shocks absorbers were on vacation and my body was shaking and bumpin around the van, but it was a little fun.

We got to his house, but it was up a hill.
He pulled over on the road and we both got out.
He called out and a young man, maybe 13-14, popped his head out a window and then came out the house, yelled something back and started walking down the hill towards the road to us.

He handed the gas can to the teen and we both started laughing.
"yeah man, the youth's do the walking around here, i'm not going up that hill".

It was quite a hill.
No road up to the house, just a 30 yard climb almost straight up.

These side trips, with responsible reliable Jamaican men, always add that extra something when i'm in Jamaica.
I end up someplace new and get that "WOW" feeling.

To me, if you are older and wiser, than you are my big brother or uncle.

So, i have a duty, and it's a priveledge to learn from the more expeirenced locals.

A trip around Jamaica, Ocho Rios

I exited the plane in MoBay and the air was magnificent. Even though the skies in Chicago look clear, i know there is much pollution in the air and i needed a getawy.

I had been to Negril 6-7 times and a change of pace was in order.

My driver Nick, picked up my girl friend and drove her to Sangster to meet me.

Hey, what's up Nick, i said as i exited the building.
I looked into the back seat and there was baby. Man, i missed her after 6 months in the states.

I opened the car door and got a great big kiss.

Nick pulled out of the parking area at the airport. "on to Ocho Rios! I said

My friend and i were both sitting in the back seat playing the little games lovers play.

Nick, up front like a chauffer, me and my baby in the back, chillin! It was pretty nice.

Hey Mark, Nick said "how are your rolling skills"
Not bad, i said.

He tossed back a bag full and i started on it.
I started and had to tell my girl to scoot over some. (she was all up on a brother0

Hee hee, she laughed and moved a couple of inches.

The drive was pretty nice. The always amazing country side of Jamaica was as green as ever.

We came into the town of Ocho Rios and it reminded me of Lucea a bit.

So, now we must find the Silver Seas Hotel.
We asked some people walking, but they didn't know where it was.

We found a Red Stipe (cop) and he pointed "up past the clock"
So we drove on and around a bend.

There it was.
I bid farewell to Nick, "see you in 6 days i told him", Yeah Yeah, later Mon, he said.

We checked in and were led up to the second floor.

The room was great, there was an ice machine right down the hall.

For some reason, i just gotta have ice, plenty of it where ever i stay.

The room had 2 balcony doors, that when opened, looked out onto the Caribbean Sea.

Magnificent! Fantastic! words cannot explain the sight.

During our stay we strooled around a bit.
Eating here and there.
One day it was raining pretty hard, i did not want to go out, neither did my girl, so and a man, a worker at the hotel, ran someplace and brought back staemy hot Jerk Chicken, rice and peas.

He was always close by if we needed anything.

A very nice 6 days.

My driver Nick,(now my best buddy) came to pick us up and drove us back to Negril for more fun in the sun!

My little man at the Hi-Lo grocery store

Hey Regan, what's up Mon.
He was nodding in his van on the road.
Wow, to sleep in your car, windows down, alone, on the road.
I would be too scared to do that in Chicago.

He jumped up with a little startled look.
Yeah mon, yeah mon, mi ready!
Amazing, from sound asleep to ready to go in 3 seconds. LOL
I need to go to the Hilo.
Ok, ok (he was still half sleep, sitting straight up and starting his van as i hopped in.

We pulled into the parking lot and we both got out.
There was a little chair or 2 milk cartons stacked together close to the store's front.
My driver said he'll be sitting right here.
He found an old Gleaner and started to read, while i went inside.
I found a shopping cart and started to push it.
I was going to stock the room with juices and snacks and stuff.
I had put one or 2 items in the cart.
I left the cart and walked closer to the cheese section, found the cheese i wanted, and when i turned around, there was this little boy, maybe 7 or 8.
He hand both his hands on the cart and was pushing it.
No words were said by him or me.
I looked him in his eyes and took a step down the aisle.
He took a step.
I stopped,
he stopped.
So, you are my cart pusher for today.
No words were spoken, we just communicated our thoughts through the air.

So, i strolled up and down the aisles, my little man in trail behind me.
He was a cool liitle dude. very agile and quick, he could handle the cart like a pro.

Well, i think i have everything i need and headed to the check out lanes.
As i got there i stood and was looking at the check out lady.
I turned around and my little man was gone.
Hmmm, he didn't even say good bye.
I got closer and then just started to put my things by the register.
I looked up and he was at the other end.
Bagging my stuff.

The guy/bagger that was working there just watched me watch him.
I gave him the "it's ok look"

My little man tried to carry all my stuff at the same time.
Whoa up there man, i got this bag.

We came out and my driver stood up, looked at the youth and just walked over to his van.

My little man and i loaded up the vam through the side door.
Good job! Well done! i said.
I reached in my pocket and gave him a well deserved payment for services rendered.

Never saw him again, but i do hope he is ok.

I was a shop keeper for a while

My friend, who has a little shop/place on the beach needed to go to the store to stock up.
Mark, i must go downtown.
I'm runnin low on this and that.
Stay here and don't let anybody in, except tourist.

Whoa man, i made it!
I am a shop keeper!
Sure it was only 1 hour, but i was in charge.

He has a place behind the craft market.

Beer, cigarettes,sunglasses, hats and trinkets, you get the picture.

He has a deep freezer, that is stocked with Lobsters and Bonita fish.

He cooks out on the beach everyday.

Always has a fire going.

He has wood carvings and other stuff to sell.

Often we sat eating lobster and Bonita and rice and veggies.
It was early, maybe 11:00 AM

He put on his "going to the store clothes" and off he went.

All he ever wears are cut off jeans, that's it.

I had the tunes bumpin and Red stripes flowin.

When i saw some "tourist" people walking the beach, i made a valiant effort to entice them over.

Now, if he would only stay gone 2-3 months, i would be happy.

I could call my lady friends to help out and cook, call my driver Nick, to pick up and drop off people.

Go to my mom-in-laws store to pick up supplies.
She goes all the way to Sav for her supplies.
I'm sure she could take my list with her.

About an hour later, he came back, looked around and went into the shop to put up the supplies.

So, how was things, he asked?

Fine, except,
You came back 2 months too early i said.
We both had a good laugh over that.

Monday, October 4, 2010

We must go see the "doctor" for a cleansing.

So, we must go see the doctor.
What doctor I say?
Up in the Hills, mon. She needs a cleansing!!

Oh, lawdy, where to now.
Here's another adventure you have gotten us into i say to myself!

So, early the next morning, a strange driver comes to my hotel.
My other friend is sitting in the car with him.
I get in and off we go. Up, Up, up and away.
into the hills of Westmoreland.

A nice drive through the hilly country.
Wow, there is so much that i have never seen around Negril.

As we are driving I look out the window and it is about a 50-60 foot fall over the side of the road.
Man, i hope this guy is a good driver.
The road winds around, turns this way, turns that way.
I dont recognize anything. Never knew where we were going.
Up in the hills Mon!! Thats all i was told.

About 1 hour and a 1/2 after leaving my room we arrive.
This place looks like a very old church.
There are a few cars parked on the road and men standing outside.

My friend and I go inside.
She talks to a woman for a while and we are told to have a seat.
2-3 hours. Sitting and waiting. Listening to other people waiting, talking about whats going on in their lives.
Man, i'm getting good at understanding the locals.

A woman behind a curtain motions for me and my friend to come.

We go through a doorway that leads out to the back and there he is.

He is sitting at a desk/table adourned with what you would see in a movie about a witch doctor.

Bottles and jars of things spread out.
The assistant says have a seat.
After a little talking that i could not understand, the man says "Do you have something for me?"

She hands him an envelope.

The other lady tells me
"you must wait outside"

Be careful with my baby!(i say to myself) She came in one piece, i need her back the same way.

The man looked at me like he was reading my mind.

I got the "----" out of there fast!

I waited on the road with some drivers who had dropped off the fares to do the same thing.

We chatted up there for a while. You know i asked a million questions, but I cant remember anything me and the guys waiting talked about.Just shooting the breeze.

My first time being higher than sea level. The air is different up there. Fresh, It even seems like the sky is clearer.

Soon, my friend is finished with "whatever" and comes onto the road.
She is smiling and all is well.

Another day in Negril;

There is a bar 2 doors down from the Coral Seas Garden hotel. It is next door to Sunrise restaurant.

I'm just out to wander around a bit, get a little jerk from the man that cooks on the road. After my meal i go over to the bar and i see a pool table. Now, for those of you that play pool you know what a pleasant site that is.

I take a seat and order a Red Stripe and watch the locals play a gambling game with cards. They put their money tucked under the side cushions on the table and deal out a round of poker. I guessed that the object is to hit the balls matching a card in your hand.
After a couple of games they cool out and i step up to the plate.
"Time for a regular game? i ask.
Sure mon, get a token from the barmaid.

So i get the token, rack them up and ask what game the winner plays. "Eight-ball, straight in" he says. Cool.

He breaks and makes a couple of stripes.Then he misses. I run off the next 5 shots flawlessly. I miss, he misses, i make all mine and sink the eight ball, corner pocket.

I won about 5 straight games! The waitress the whole time is eye balling me.

After my first couple of wins, she ask me my name, where do i live, who am i staying with, blah, blah and more blah.

I give her just vague desciptions(mus'nt give away all the info). Be careful guys what you say. No need to give every last detail to strangers, even if they have pretty faces.

That was a nice couple of hours. Just chillin, drinking beers with the guys.
Man, women are wonderful, but i still enjoy sports with the buddies away from the women folk.

Time to catch a cab a little further from the hotel.
I let a couple of cabs go by on purpose. I pick one, the front seat is taken, so i just hop in the back and enjoy the ride. I see the Treehouse coming up so i yell out "one stop!"
I walk up to the joint and the front looks nice and quiet. I get to the rear beach and there are people everywhere! I'm on a mission to find some cool boardies.
I know what Ras Walleye looks like, but i cant spot him anywhere. I have a drink or 2 at one of the bars and relax. The Treehouse plays nice old school soul jams.

I cant find any familiar faces so i concentrate on the ladies in the polka dot bikinis.

Man, nothing like listening to the music on the oceans edge with a cold beverage in your hand.

For a brief second i think i see a lady i used to know. She's beautiful but as she gets closer i realize its a different lady. Same figure, but not the same person.

Since i'm staring at her i might as well introduce myself.

Spoon, Markospoon they call me. She laughs and i do too.

She's with other people and they are motioning to her "time to head in"
So, we part and say our good byes.

Back to the road and up closer to the round about.
Just before the bridge is the Craft Market. Behind the Craft Market is the part of the beach where you will find the hardcore fishermen.

I am good friends with Ringo, the mountain man. He has a nice little shop and house right there, on the beach.

He has plenty of sand and a nice business going.

We sit and chat, drink some and ponder the mysteries of the universe.
Nice to listen to someone from a different culture spout their views on this and that.
Its all good mon, we all have red blood.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Just chillin out on a rainy day in Negril

It was the rainy season, but when you get the opportunity to get out of Dodge, go.

I woke up on my 3rd day in Negril and it was a beutiful outside. I cleaned up and
Jogged over to my fav breakfast place and ate like a King.

With a full belly, I took a swim then headed back to the room for a shower.
The bathroom has a window in the shower, with wooden velour blids and a screen.

It's great, to take a shower and look outside at the same time.
So, i was bathimg and i hear this sound.
"What the?

It was the rain falling. I finished my shower, grabbed a towel and opened the hotel door. It was pouring down cats and dogs. The kind that lets you know it would not end soon.

So there i was, all clean and nowhere to go.

I dont watch T.V. too much while on vaca, but, what else could i do?

I sat down clicked on the tube and started surfing the cable.

I found the Western Channel and my heart skipped a beat.

I love, not like, love, old cowboy movies, the ones in
black and white.

I looked over and saw that my ice cooler was running low on ice. 15-20 cubes left from last night and alot of water. Looking down through the water and ice i could see a brown color.

Red Stripes! at least 3!
Man o man i was happy.

I got comfy and cracked the first cold one of the day.

I have learned to use a cigarette lighter to pop the top and i love the sound when you do it just right!

Nothing like a rainy day, sitting in your draws, watching Jimmy Stewart and his Winchester 57.

Bringing gifts for your Jamaican family.

Hey guys/gals, i'm sure some of you can relate.

If you ever marry a Jamaican, your family doubles.

Its Christmas every time you fly in!

You find yourself in Walmart
"well i'll be!"
Look at that dear, i bet your Brother would love to have that.
Hey, what's your mom's favorite color?
Purple, Mark, i told you before, purple"
Always take good care of the Mom-in-law
Yeah, baby, this queen size purple sheet and pillow case set will look nice in her new bedroom.
Now, to the toy section,
"Mark, you just want to go there and look for yourself"

Ok, ok, but the little guys all love cars and spinning things, all kinds of crayons and paints too!

"how old is your neice,
"ones 4 and the other 6",
What size shoe?

Soon, my wife is loading down the cart with things.

The little girl section just melts my heart.
My daughter is 24 now, but i raised her, by myself since she was 2.(ahh, the good old days)
I know my way around kids clothes.
So, i go back in time (in my mind) and find things that the little girls would need and want.
Berrets for hair, and scochies, combs, brushes, the works.

My sister, (the little ones mom)
is about 25.
Perfume, jeans pants, tops.
Hair shampoo, conditioner, more combs and brushes.

Then my main Bro-in-law, he's 30 something, loves cars too.
Well, to the auto-motive section for some of the cool stuff, steering wheel covers, auto compass, all sorts of things. knives, tools for his work shop.

I have enough room for all these gifts because:

I keep all my dirty clothes in Negril, my mother in law washes them, hangs them up to dry and packs them, awaiting my return.

Having relatives on a caribbean island that you love to go to is wonderful!

The only hard part is lying to customs about bringing any gifts or presents.
But, since i only have 1, maybe 2 suitcases, i appear to be just another tourist.

Eating a home cooked "jamaican" meal is nice too, I have a nice group of people to hang with when the beach or Westend get boring.Hangin out at the shop, watching people buying things, picking up the Patois.
It's like i have a front row seat in a new world!

Once there was this gangster looking dude, on the beach, it was obvious what he was.
He asked me "do you know a black woman"
I did not recognize him at first.
He then said "oh yeah, at Mama G house, that's where I saw you. Yeah, you married her daughter.

He turned around and told all the other guys
"look out for him, he's family"

This is how they treat Family in Negril.

My bark is worse than my bite, a quiet evening in Negril

Wow, that meal was ok.
I'm full for 300J.

I don't know if the cook wanted to make sure i came back, but this meal had BIG chunks of chicken, along with the rice and peas.

Since i have a full belly, i can start a likkle on the party side.

Some of times i will eat a good meal, only drink water, then jump in a route mobile and head some place else for cocktails.

To the beach!!

I pulled in to one of my watering holes and found a seat.
A few folks, sitting around, couples it looked like.

Hmm, here i am all alone again. (i love it)

A pretty young waitress, (she looks like i would card her)
floated over to me.
I never say anything first. (gotta make them talk that sweet accent)
Evening sir, what can i get you.

I'll have a Smirnoff-Red, on the rocks.

Oh no, darling, i dont use a straw.

The first one went like Usain Bolt in the 100 yard dash.
Would you like another?, she ask.
Ya cant walk on one leg.

Oh they giggle so sweet.

All of a sudden 5 females came over to the bar,
they were ready for the night.
(Hmm, i would card them too)

The waitress started making rum punches and talking to the women about this or that.

I deduced that they were friends of the waitress and she was hooking them up royally.
One lady had to say "that's enough rum".

Evening ladies, where's the party tonight?
Can't remember what they said, but it was somewhere down the road.

So imagine 5 young ladies, all dressed to kill, with the smell of heavenly scents, floating on the Caribbean breeze.

Snap out of it Mark, who do you think you are.

Another drink, please, hurry!

There were 5 ladies and only 4 chairs, so 2 of them shared a seat while enjoying the drinks.
What a lucky chair.

They talked and laughed for about 20 minutes and then they were off.

Man, they sure will be lit up when that rum kicks in.

I just watched them wiggle away into the night.

Shoot, there were too many of them anyway.

Well old cowboy, time for you to head over to the bunk house.

A nice quiet night

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