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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A visit to Orange Bay, close to Negril

It was early and my friend said she had to go home to babysit her little sister.
Ok, see you later.
But, aren't you coming over for dinner tonight?
My mom would like to meet you!
Sure, I'll be there.

So off she goes.
Now i can kick back and chill awhile.
Soon my Jamaican best buddy called and said "Do you still want to go up to Orange Hill?
Whoa, i had forgot all about that.
Sure, why not.
So an hour later he pulls up in his ride and we sit awhile on the porch of my hotel.

He says he wants to go check on his friend that makes a killer crab dish.

So, we start to drive and he is zipping right along up the roads and down a bit. (seems like a curve road that sinks then rises a bit) Man, there are some nice properties in Orange Hill.

The chef man does not have crab today, only Curry Chicken.
So, we order a plate of the curry chicken and guess who pulls in with a brand spanking new BMW?
The owner of the Hotel where i was staying!
I had met him many times, but never bumped into him off the property.

He nodded to me and I nodded back.
Oh yeah, my buddy says, this place is popular, you never know who you will see.

Its was cool how he opened the door but did not get out the car.
All the locals surrounded him talking and laughing and eating.
He's known as the "big man"

You could tell that when he spoke, the rest shut-up and listened.

Orange Hill is up high a little bit, and very calm and smooth.

So, we ate the curry chicken and then i remembered that my friend was cooking dinner that night.

Well, i must save room for later, but it was so good i wolfed it down, all of it.

With full bellies i asked what time it was and was told, its early Mon, 5-6 maybe.
How time flys when you're in Jamaica!

Uh Oh, i'm late!

Even though its Jamaica, my word is my word.

We jump in the car and head towards Orange Bay.

Orange Hill, Red Ground, Orange Bay, Green Island-l Iove these colorful names.
Its just before you hit Negril, i think.
There are these little houses, in a tract, all built just the same.
My buddy tells me about those little houses and how much one cost, real cheap, but my girl did not live in one, hers was a regular board house up a hill a bit.

I called my friend and she meets us on the road. I bid farewell to my driver and we walked down a lane.

Now, don't pay attention to the loose pack of dogs we will pass she tells me.
Huh? pack of dogs?
Yeah, "they are always there, but i just ignore them and look away, like they aren't there". They wont bother you. (famous last words)
Okay, if you can do it, i can do it.

So we start to walk a little more and there they are.
You can tell the leader because he/she stands very erect, looks at us and starts barking first.

She grabs my hand and we just keep walking down the road.

They act like they are protecting the yard they are in front of.

5-6 little yellow and brown dogs.

I was so glad they were small ones, i could kick the S--- out of them if i needed to.

I was not scared, still, i did not look at them like she said.
I remember that some dogs take it as a challenge if you look them straight in the eye!

Now that i think about it, i had a pretty good grip on her hand though. Why? i don't know, but i held on like it was important.

They will follow you, barking for about 20-30 feet and then back off.

I was glad to get into her house.

I meet her mom, little sister and little brother.

I must remember to bring some of the little toys that i always bring to Jamaica. A toy car is always nice for boys.

The little man was about 2-3 yeara old, i wont forget you next time my little brother.

When i get around kids i start to play with them and forget the adults.
My girl was looking at me with that "what a good dad he would be" look in her eyes.

After a while she says stop playing, have a seat, dinner is ready.

Wouldn't you know it. More Curry Chicken!

I made a valiant effort to finish, but i was just too full from the Orange Hill dinner.

She looked disappointed that i wasn't eating it all, but i explained about the prior meal.

She said she would wrap it up for me.

We sat and talked a while.

I called my driver and he was on his way.

She reminded me that we have to walk back again, past the guard dogs.

OK dokey, no problem.

I was just hoping they could not smell the chicken that i would be carrying back down the road!!
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