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Thursday, September 16, 2010

How I met my wife.

Well, it was about 7 years ago.
I was sitting on the porch at my regular/favorite hotel.

Before i hit the road i sit outside and chill with some cold beers.
I always bring a cooler with me, which i keep stocked with ice.
One of the gardeners of the property, a guy that i have seen for about 2 years came over to chat a bit.
Marko, where do you go during the evenings?", he asked me.
Man, i just cross the road and look for someone cooking and music.
There are nice ladies to look at most times too, i said.

You need to come to the neighborhood mon, meet some reallocal folks"
Ok, cool, where's your car?
"Me nuh have No car mon, me ride de bike"
Gulp! A motorcycle?
Yeah mon, been ridin it forever.
Ok, ok,
I get off inna few minutes.
So, about 5-6 o'clock i met him in the Hotel parking area.
Mind the right side, only get on and off from the left.
That hot pipe will fry your leg!

So, i hop on and head off to the road.
Now, i had never been further than the bridge before.
We cross the bridge and things change.

There are just locals and a million taxis around the taxi park place.
We keep going and turn here, turn there.
Up this road and down that road.
Oh yeah, when i first got on I was holding the guy around his waist.
Dont hold me like that mon, use your hands low down around the hips if youo need balance.
Well, hecky yeah i need balance, soon I got the hang of it.
Looking out for pot holes and putting my weight on the foot pedals to ease the bumps.
Soon we pull into this little frame like house. It ends up that it is a shop and a lttlle double door frame house next to it.
I got off the bike and looked around.
My gardener friend starts talking and introduces me to the lady that runs the shop.
Red stripe, well cold for my friend he says.

So far,, this is pretty cool!

So this is how a local family lives.
There was a little house behind the shop.
Turns out it was a cook house with the stove and a deep fridge and stock.
Big bags of flour, and beans, oil, you name it, they sold it.
I went through the front door of the shop to check it out.
There is chicken wire all around except a window for making purchases. The walls behind the counter and wire are filled with everything you could think of.
Baby stuff, diapers, box juices. cookies, crackers.
They sell drinks, rum, beer and pops.
There is a scale hanging for the beans and flour and whatever needs weiging.
They even sold ice.
Water in plastic baggies, frozen of course.

It was like a dollar store, filled with goodies!
I walked around to the back just minding my own business.
I looked to my right and there she was!
Sitting on a milk crate.

She looked up at me (and I swear, there were stars in her eyes! The cutest Jamaican lady you'd ever want to see!

Slim and built just right (no, i'm not a superficial guy)
She was just drop dead gorgeous!
No make up, a little perspiration on her nose. Cute as a bug's ear.
There was a big blue plastic tub on the ground between her legs.
The tub was filled with soap bubbles, in the soap
were clothes.
This woman is sitting outside washing clothes by hand.

(gulp) Hi, i think i said, i don't know, i might have started to faint, but anyway,
Hi, i said, good night or good evening she said.

That was it. Love at first sight.
I turned around (because i know she did not want to be eye balled while working)

I walked back to the front and talked to my buddy the gardener.
Man, she's nice i said!

yeah mon, talk to her.
But, being a shy guy i just ordered another beer and stared from a distance.

The next day, same thing.
On the motor cycle, down the road, across the bridge, past the gas station, down another road and we were there.

I must have looked like i lost something.
My eyes were searching, i looked everywhere. Nothing.
Bummed, i walked back to the front and my friend said with a big smile on his face,
"she in the cook house"
Now, how did he know what i was looking for?

So, i walk over to the cook house and it has a window on the side that opens out like a door, starting at waist level.
There she was, chopping and cutting and peeling things.
Hi, she said first!
She remembers, she remembers me!
I guess i was speechless, "are you staying for dinner?

Man o Man, she washes clothes and cooks the family meal too?
Heaven, i'm in heaven, and my heart beats so, that i can hardly speak!

Sure, thank you. I'll stay!
Man, i was not goin anywhere. Wild horses could not have moved me.

I went back to the front, smiling and looking for something cold!

A couple of hours past and here she comes, with plates.
She gives out a few to her bro and sis and mom.
I sitting in a chair thinking "where's mine?:
She comes back with a tray, like the kind you would have eating in bed.
I had a plate full, and i mean full of curry chicken, red peas and rice, dumplings, the whole 10 yards.
I could have swept her up right then and there.

Talk about feeling like a king,
the kings of the world aint got nothin on this!
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