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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Shake your tailfeathers at the Jungle night club

Yeah Mon! We jammin now!
I hollered across the dance floor at my Bother. His first time to the Jungle.

He was dancing and had 2 girls at the same time.
Well, he's doing fine, So....

I decided to waltz over to the bar for a cold beverage.

The bar had turned into a crowd since my last one, so i bumped and grinded my way closer to the bartender.
He had skills and with the people all shouting at him, he still, got the drinks out correctly and in a timely manner.

The seats at the bar were all taken, but i see this lady start to stand up so i nudged my way, closer, closer, i'm almost there. Whew! Made it just as she was standing up.

I sat down and i had the bartender's attention now.
Vodka and ting on the rocks please.
Shaken, not stirred.

The lady that got up was a pretty thing. The mini skirt was so short i thought i could see one of her cheeks. Sweet cheeks they were.

So i get my drink and it is strong.

I pay the man and swivel the chair around to face the dance floor.

The lady is staanding and dancing in place.
The place was my left thigh.
What rythym, what moves she has.

Well, when a lady is rubbing on a guy's thigh with her thigh it's hard to keep quiet.
Hello there, nce dress.
Oh, thanks mon! She says!

I start drinking and she just a keeps rubbin.

Now, i was just sitting in my seat enjoying the music
All of the sudden her rear is between my legs.
Wow, is this what they call a lap dance?
It was very crowded as i stated before and i'm thinking know one is noticing what is going on as my temperature starts to rise.

Actually, no one cares what the hell you do in a club as long as your'e not fighting.

We start to talk for a while. She had such a sweet voice, so i ask her if she would like something cold to drink?.
(hmmm, i wonder if that was her way of getting a free drink)

Red Bull or some kind of energy drink she gets.

So, thats how she stays aware, while all of us with real drinks lose our minds.

I scout around the crowd and i see this man and woman dancing. Well, it was to the music, but it wasn't dancing.
If you can imagine 2 people having sex on a dance floor, doggie style, with all their clothes on.
Thats what they were doing.

The man must have been in great shape because he had her legs up, her back to him. around his lower abdomen for quite a while.

Soon as B.B.ing says, "the thrill is gone"
So, i get up and walk around and out to the upstairs part of the Jungle.

It's nice a cool up there. Not such a wall to wall crowd.

Some very nice looking females are standing in a group. They look like they are doing stategic planning for a beach assault on the downstairs.
Ah ha. So this is their base of operations, the 2nd level. They were in a huddle planning their line of attack.

I was wondering.
Where are all these pretty girls during the day?
Once in a while you may see a super fine women on the beach or road, but here there were scores of them.
All shapes and sizes. Looking good and smelling good.

I guest most young ladies stay in during the hot day or are at work or something. You sure dont see them out walking on the roads.

But man, let me tell ya, no place else can you find all those lovely ladies at the same time dressed to kill.

The jungle is a nice place with friendly people all around.

Going home the Chicken vendors are right there with hot food.

Watch out for the private taxi guys waiting outside.

They think you are so drunk, that you will pay $10-15 US for a 5 minute ride.

In conclusion, the Jungle is a nice place.
There is a second level with music too.
If you want to people watch go on a Thursday night. Ladies get in free.
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