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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Mission: Get Ras safely to Negril!

It was tense, people were sweating bullets.
Ras kept cool.
"we will make it honey"Ras said.

His wife looked into his eyes and squeezed his hand.

The Traffic controllers in Jamaica had walked out that morning, demanding more money.

"Well folks the pilot said, we are over the water, low on fuel and we are beyond the point of no return"

"CUBA!" somebody yelled out, lets try to land in Cuba!

Ras became uneasy.

Last time he was in Cuba, the local authorities were kicking down his hotel room door as he jumped out of the window, down a dark and lonely alley and out of sight.

No, said the pilot.
By hook or by crook we will make Jamaica!

Flight 105, this is tower, over......
FLIGHT 105 this is Tower! over..........

Tower this is flight 105, what the ---- is going on?
We have been requesting permission to land for over 30 minutes! over.......

Do not land!
Repeat, Do not land!

Tower! We're on fumes now!
We're coming in come hell or high water!

And with that, the jet dived down, down it came, leveling off just over the green and blue water.

The pilot chose that moment to have a heart attack.
The co-pilot already out of commission due to some bad fish was no help.

Then, like a bat out of hell, Ras charged the cockpit, threw the pilot to the side, and pulled up just before the jet nosed dived into the drink.

The plane was coming in high, too high to land!

"What am i missing, Ras said?

A very cool and calm stewardess
said "try the flaps Ras"

That's it! Down Flaps, decrease speed!!

Ras throttled back 60% thrust and the you could hear the wheels squeel!

The plane hit the runway, bounced and they were back in the air.

Again Ras downed the flaps and again the plane bounced off the runway.

We are running out of runway the stewardess said.

Ras had to think, think damiit!!

RAS Shouted as if he were talking to god himself.

He applied 100% Max control, and you could feel the plane burning rubber.
Closer the water came, closer to the drop off at the end of the runway.


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